Monday, July 19

trailer - day 3

Ted is very frustrated over not being able to get the fridge working. He took the panel off the outside of the trailer and was working on the fridge wires and noticed another mouse/rats nest sitting on top of the fridge which is directly underneath the floor of the pantry & chewed up flooring. Most likely... we will be removing the fridge and adding a modern one. Lowes has one for $139 and will fit like a glove. And its another TO DO item (replace the flooring where the fridge is.)

I am not exactly thrilled w/ this fridge.
Its to modern looking.
So I am not buying it right now.

Ted removed the stove vent/hood and painted it Red! It looks sooooo good! :-)
I am DEAD SET against propane running through the trailer. I don't like it. It's dangerous. Everything is to old. I'm not a "lets go camp in the middle of nowhere" kind of girl anywho. I am a campground plug into electricity kind of girl. I want to be with other campers not off on our own. Remember... I am a worry wort.

Besides the oven/stove is a rusted mess! So my idea is to completely take out the stove/oven and just have more counter top (with wood modifications of course) and then maybe install a mini microwave in the hole where the oven part was. Obviously we are doing our own thing and not trying to restore it as original. Besides according to the Sisters on the Fly book... when you paint the inside of your vintage trailer you depreciate it by $1,000 :-O - Well I don't care - the walls will be white, white, white!

this is for my mother
(whos concern of no propane
is that we would have no heat)
The heater was removed!
So the propane couldn't have heated the trailer anyway. We don't know why it was removed. But theres a big ol' empty space where it was suppose to be and they boarded up the hole where the heater was & suppose to be cabinet door (I wish we had that door! Grr!)

Ted took us to Camping World yesterday.
What a let down that was!
They didn't have crap-o-la.
It was more like a 7-11 for new fancy RV's.

And at Lowes I checked out the vintage replica formica. Now that I changed from aqua & white to red & white I am now at a formica dilemma. :-( Their red is actually in the orange family - no thank you! My red is a cherry/christmas/hot rod red.

In one of the pictures from either day 1 or 2,
you might have noticed a gag me, dollar store
cheap paper towel holder hanging under the counter
but invading the bed area. I said, "that has to go! pronto!"
Well... its a good thing!
Guess what was living inside the paper towel holder?
A brown recluse spider!
Ted who has no problem w/ spiders, freaked out!
He threw the holder outside and then
stomped the guy, and buried him in the gravel.
I mean what do you expect?
It was a closed up, all curtains drawn trailer sitting for years all quiet. The perfect spot for a brown recluse. I sure hope there isn't another. Eek!


  1. oh lordy, maybe fumigate it at some point!

    well, good thing Ted found that other place, you can check for more vntagey type appliances!

  2. I don't blame Ted. Brown Recluse spiders can really mess you up. They are not to be trifled with.