Sunday, July 18

Trailer home - day 1

I don't even know where to begin....
this is going to be one long ass blog entry.

In my head "fantasy"
all I thought about was the cute factor
of a vintage trailer!
And camping in a real bed and not on
the ground in a tent
(oh my aching back)
and peeing in a bucket at 3am because
I was to scared to walk in the dark
to the campground restrooms
or squat by a tree.

When Amber was little,
we camped all the time.
We were living in Texas then.
Good times, GREAT memories.
(I got really good at cooking on
our coleman stove.
Food taste
so much better camping.)

When we moved back to Washington
our camping stuff got stored at
Hubby's work & I was to afraid of
bears and being cold in the rain to
camp in the Northwest.
Eventually we sold and gave away all of
our camping gear.
My motto was, if it wasn't a motel or hotel
I'm not going.

Oh we tried the boat thing for awhile
inheriting a 1978 24' SeaRay which
was awesome until Ted got talked into
adding a marine fuel injection with
the new engine
($17,000 later
including replacing all the wood rot)
that was computerized and would never work right
and we constantly died on the water.
Nothing is more scary then having your boat
die coming into a dock and freaking out
that your going to run into another boat.
The boat & trailer weighed 7200lbs &
killed the brakes on our Jimmy 4x4
not once, but twice!
We were looking for moorage
but there is always a waiting list.

The boat sat for a few years and then we sold it AS IS.
(The guy who bought it, ended up getting rid of
it for the same problem & he was a boat ol' timer.)
We lost a few thousand on the whole ordeal
but for awhile we had GREAT fun "camping"
on the water. It had a galley & a bathroom.
We learned a lot & when we are older
and Ted is retired and we have less animals
we are going to get another boat someday.
There is nothing like boating
and being out on the water
Bob'n Along.
(Which was the name of our boat
because it was my step-dad Bob's boat.

Now we are going to go camping
in a trailer w/ a bed & toilet!
Yeah Lily
I had been looking at vintage trailers
for years... I wanted the one down the street
for sale and just crumbled when a neighbor
bought it. After all it was just $75.
It was cute and round and had such potential.
Well... that turned into a blessing
because the inside had been gutted, and needed
to be rebuilt.
I scoured craigslist nightly and everyone I wanted
sold immediately. Grr!
Then our dear friends Connie & Greg
whom have known me since I was a little girl
said we could have theirs!
For FREE!!!!
She was honest and said it needed a lot of work.
And to not thank her until I saw it.
They were always going to fix it up but just didn't
have the time.
They are operating a mom & pop grocery
store full time in Grayland, WA
right off the beach by a block.
Her blog --> Grayland Grocery

It is a 1969 Shasta Starflyte
She said it was 19' - Greg said it was 17'
Ted measured it & he got 15'
but he said, maybe its measured by the tongue.
Whatever that means? Tongue? Really?

After putting on new tires
Ted brought our new baby
home from the ocean.

ocean <- key word.

Oh Dear . . .

The trailer has been sitting
at the ocean for over 10 years
in the salty sea air.
Well we all know what happens?

Rust, rust, rust, rust
Oh my god!
Inside & out!
If its metal its rusty.
The trailer step is so bad
it crumbles when you touch it.

Okay.... deep breath here.
In my fearful brain...
all I can think about it
Going down the road and
it falls apart killing someone.

I said, Ted get the rust analyzed
by an expert BEFORE you do anything.
We need to know if this is even do-able!!!!

When we opened up the oven
and the pantry directly across
what did we find?
Rat or mouse nest
w/ chewed up wood everywhere!

At one time Greg said
they replaced the plywood walls
behind the aluminum paneling
so the metal trim that goes
around most of the windows
was not put back up.
(we just have to do that)
It's all still there.

We saw silver duct tape
running along the floor under the entry door.
I said, whats that for?
And Ted lifts it up
and what do we find?
a propane line.
Ted said, "the propane lines
have been jerry rigged."
Oh no! No No No No No
Are you serious?

I am now feeling light headed and
the thought of blowing to
smitherines is all thats filling my brain.

Greg had told Ted,
"there are some electrical problems"
Oh God!
Catching on fire is now filling in my head.
Problems is an understatement.
Nothing works. Period.

Why is the cabinet lower on that side.
Upon further inspection
there is water damage.
A lot of water damage.
The wood crumbles in your fingers
from the touch.

The stove & oven are rusted up.
The fridge is rusted and wont work.
The water tank is missing.
The "tongue" is so rusted
it can't hold propane tanks.

All I could think about was...
Everything I didn't want in a
trailer - it has!

I love the floor plan. :-)
Do I still want it?
it can just be a glorified tent.
I can get a port-a-potty
and we don't need electricity.
I cooked before on a coleman stove.
There is camp lanterns, etc...

It is going to be okay...
isn't it?



  1. OK, I haven't read the post above this one, wanted to read everything in order, but I'm thinking, yes, it's going to be OK...don't give up yet!

  2. OMG your worry process is killing me over here. I agree with Ted, gotta get rid of jerry rigged propane lines. Propane (read this with Hank Hill's accent) is a very safe gas to work with outside of the fact it's a flammable gas. We even put a terrible smell into the gas to alert us of a leak. BUT... I'm not one to tell people how to do their project. I'm gonna sit here with my popcorn and watch it evolve into the beauty she is. :)

  3. It looks like it'll need a lot of work! The rust around the vehicle and on the hitch is disconcerting, and that's not even adding what it looks like beneath. But you still had a good bargain at $75!

  4. Oh no, it was FREE!!! The other trailer we originally were looking at was $75.