Sunday, July 18

Worry Wart!

I am a worry wart. I am.
I was always a little bit of a worry wart
but as I have aged, I am really,
really, a worry wart.
I freak out about everything.
I go to bed at night numerous times because
I have to constantly get up and check doors, garage door,
are candles burning? Is anything left on?
Over and over again.
I don't want to... I HAVE to!

When we leave to go somewhere its the same thing.
Is the clothing iron unplugged?
Is my curling iron unplugged?
Did we count the dogs, are they all inside?
Amber, is anything on in your room?
I have even turned around a few miles
from my house to double check
because I am so sure something has been left on
and if my house burned down and killed
my fur-babies I would never forgive myself.
It drives poor Ted nuts!

It has become a problem.
I have thought about seeing a therapist.
It wasn't like this when I just had cats.
Isn't that weird?
But my dogs faces as I leave the house
kill me! Kills me!!! I feel guilt all the time.
It has gotten so bad,
that I choose to remain at home
on most occasions.
Which has turned me into
one of "those" women
that never leave the house!

Anywho.... this post in necessary
to explain about the "trailer"
in my next post.
So you can understand why
I fear the way that I do.

And P.S.
I am going to rotate the dogs,
taking them with us
when we camp, so
no dog feels slighted.
And my guilt factor
will remain nil.
I know its just me,
my feelings
and they love
my dog sitter.


  1. girl, i'm getting the same way...hate to go anywhere for very long for thinking about the dogs missing us! never felt that when we had cats...well, a little bit maybe, but not like with the doggies. i worry about someone breaking in and hurting them....could never forgive myself if that ever happened...they trust us so much....urgh, i feel your pain gf.

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone. Phew! What is it about our dogs? Maybe because dogs are dependent where as cats are so independent?