Wednesday, August 25

Amber in DC

Amber left for PETA training in Norfolk Virginia a little while ago, she was suppose to be in New York City this week learning the "ropes" from another demo coordinator. But with all the rain, the demo was canceled. So she left NYC early & ended up in Washington DC early and volunteered for a demo. I didn't think she would be doing anymore demos, but am glad she did. She looks pretty cute and I joked w/ her that if it doesn't work out at PETA she can always be a Las Vegas showgirl which I am sure she didn't think was to funny! Ha!

On a more serious note... the demo looks fun and yummy BUT there is a serious side and that is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA - YOUR COUNTRY. YOUR HOME SWEET HOME. THE LAND OF FREEDOM!!!!! There is no rights for chickens at all. No laws. No penalties. Notta. HOPEFULLY this recent egg recall will help put laws into the books! In other countries it is illegal to treat chickens the way the USA farm industry treats them.

Here are some facts:

Cages stacked 10 high. Chickens under get pooped on constantly.

Beaks cut off. Otherwise they would peck each other to death.

Each chicken has room of a single piece of notebook paper.

Dead, decomposing chickens are left in cages for weeks before noticed.

Feet/Claws deformed from the wire cages.

Normally chickens live for 20 yrs. - 18 months is how long they live in this condition and are ground up and fed back to the chickens.

They never see the sunlight, they never feel the grass or ground beneath them.
Have you ever heard of stress hormones?
Your eating it in ever egg purchased from these conditions.

or BUY from a neighbor or local farmer that cares for his chickens and lets them run around or stop eating eggs. We don't need them to survive. Just yesterday I made the best oatmeal raisin cookies and I used ground flax seed & water in place of 2 eggs.

Did you also know... that when in a baby chick is still inside the egg, the mother hen will chirp to her chick and the chick will chirp back. It's something to think about.

Animals are a gift. Don't treat them like garbage.

Okay, stepping off my soap box and on with the show:

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  1. ..that picture of just Amber is beautiful!! :)

  2. her outfit makes me want to get my Tina wig on and start singing ROOOOllIN ROOOLLLIIIIN ROOOOOOWLING ON THA RIVA!!

  3. Jackie, Amber is such a beauty. Know you are very proud of her. She's an amazing young woman
    with strong convictions.


  4. Beautiful and fierce.
    What a girl!
    She will be such an asset to PETA.