Thursday, August 26

Amber (roar) as a Tiger

Amber today!
I wanted peeps to see she doesn't
always get almost naked for PETA.

(They were handing out colorbooks
or pamphlets or something to kids
to not go to the zoo. This is where we differ
in opinion. Yes some zoos are bad and low
budget but some zoos I like and in
some countries with the deforestation...
without zoos, would some species dwindle?
And what about rehabilitation?
Without zoo visitors & sponsors
who would pay for rehabilitation?)

After the zoo, on the bus.
Notice the passengers,
it's like no big deal.
Cracks me up!


  1. LOL too cute!
    I'm with you...zoos can be bad, but they can also be good. Usually going makes me sad for the animals, but there are a lot of good zoos out there that help save animals. In a perfect world, they could live in their natural environment and not be stared at by humans, but we've changed so much of the land, that it's not possible for all of them...