Sunday, August 1

August is HOT for dogs

I get really mad when I see, hear or read about dogs being left outside in extreme cold winter temperatures and it is just as bad leaving them outside in the hot sun.
~ August is a pretty HOT month for the USA ~

Keeping dogs safe in the heat
"Vets say dogs and cats with the little smushed faces like this Boston Terrier have trouble breathing in extreme heat."

Dogs can get sunburn

Yes even FIDO needs sunscreen

Tips on cooling off your dog

The hottest times of the day are 3-4pm
Instead of afternoon walks, wait until after dinner
or early mornings

4 Ice Cream Recipes for your dog
1 meat based, 2 vegetarian, 1 vegan

Summer Dog Grooming

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  1. yep, i've never seen doggies that can't handle the heat like the smushed face dogs...our pugs get extremely hot just goin out to do their business. today it's 104 here and they've had a tough time with it :( Jeff and a friend were outside grilling and they wanted to be out there so bad, but they just couldn't deal with it!