Friday, August 6

Brace Yourselves!!!


This is not a joke,
this is real!
I am just dumbfounded
on the whys of it all!
It makes me feel sick!


Apparently this is real and not photoshopped at all, or so says Susannah Breslin, who’s unearthed a trend in Russia of tattooing their hairless Sphynx cats.


Having an ink artist prick your skin with a needle injecting ink for hours to create a permanent work of art on your body is painful for most humans. Now imagine having it done to an animal.

You can have a tattoo of a cat but a new trend is emerging concerning hairless felines. The Sphinx, or New Mexican Hairless Cat breed , a hairless cat dating back to the ancient Pharaohs, is the latest victim of attention seeking owners.

The hairless, winkled Siamese-shaped cat is now becoming popular with tattoo shops. Photos of a tattooed cat first showed up on the internet, since march 2009, on a number of blogs. photo credit - photo credit photo credit - photo credit

tattooing a cat

The procedure takes a little over three hours and of course the cat is anesthetized. Anyone that owns a cat knows, you don't come near it and poke it without tearing you up! After the cat is put out,the artist can turn him in any direction to accomplish the task at hand. The dazed cat is an unwilling participant in this procedure. When it awakes, it surely is in pain and confused.

Are we humans so shallow and materialistic, that we see our pets as just another possession?

I am NOT inserting the video here,
but if you want to see a cat being
tattooed its on youtube:

Google Search:
Tatooing Animals
There are so many links. :-(

Excuse me while I go cry now.

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  1. Those heartless bastards!
    I can't believe someone would do that to those poor animals.
    No I can't watch.