Monday, August 23

Connie has her wings!

When Ted bought the wings
(from a friend of a friends of a friend)
he knew he was going to be re-painting them.
Well when he took off the sides,
he noticed the wood underneath (inside)
was rotten on just one of the wings.
He bought some marine plywood
and went ahead and cut out two new ones
recovered them, then painted.

Isn't Connie looking great?
Now this is just one side (still gold on other side)
and the white still needs to be painted on both sides.
The wings aren't permanently on there.
They need a spacer, and would have to come
off anyway to paint the white.

We live in Western Washington
that means Ted has got to get going
on the roof! It needs to be scraped, resealed,
gutters removed, resealed and put back
before it starts raining. Because once the rain
starts its not going to stop for months!!!
Otherwise Connie will need to be covered
and that will all have to be done next Spring.


  1. That is just so darn cute!! My shasta's wings aren't smooth like yours, they have these teeny little diamond thingys so I'm not going to paint them. I love your trailer though!

  2. OMG, I love her!! Great job Ted! Connie is awesome!

    Girl, I wish we had y'alls weather here! I'd love it if it rained that much. I bet you get tired of it, but we love the rain :)

  3. ...Connie is really coming along nicely!
    ...didn't know she had the red/white!
    ..keep up the good work Ted!lol cute dogs in the kiddie pool pic :)