Monday, August 2

Flying Dogs

Today on Twitter I read via PETA:
"Our animal companions r not luggage, drive em 2 destination or leave em @ home w/ caretaker if they can't fit under seat:"
& when you click on the link it talks about "
Very scary new stats released by the U.S. Department of Transportation show that dogs with short muzzles (such as pugs, bulldogs, and boxers) make up about half of all dogs who have died in airplane cargo holds during the past five years."

I then read over at abcnews a similar article, but promoting an airlines for PetAirways caters specifically to pets and carries no human passengers, just pawsengers, as the airline calls them.

Pet Airways seem like a GREAT alternative for those who dogs can't fit under the seat in the main cabin. IF they are available at your local airport. The list of cities is pretty small.

*** IF your dog is a service animal you can get an acception on many airlines. ***

As a pet owner... there is no way I would let one of my pets fly with the baggage. I have heard to many "horror" stories of dead & missing animals. Missing would be the worst!

But then again I think of the success stories of overseas & rescue dogs that fly with the baggage. I guess its a personal decision and one to not take lightly and one not to judge others who do. But please if you have a snub nosed dog, like my Boston Terrier is, do NOT put them down with the baggage. Please.

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  1. I'd never let our Pugs ride in the baggage dept. They are not luggage, they're my babies. Luckily, we don't travel that much. And when/if we do, we find a pet sitter. Not sure what we'd do if we moved far away...I guess drive them. Can't picture us ever moving overseas, lol!