Monday, August 9

Get the kleenex. :-(

Do you remember me? I died because you entered my home without permission.

You had been delivering to our home for years and years! Some of your co-workers used to even bring doggy biscuits. So did you, until the ban came into effect! You had come to my home so many times to put a delivery in the black box on the porch. Why did you not call my mommy that day, to alert her that you were coming? Was that the way you wanted it?

My name was Brutus and I was a Staff terrier cross. I want to tell you a bit about myself so that you understand what you have done to me and to my family.

I loved my mommy and daddy and my family. I especially loved the babies! I used to love to cuddle and play with them. Did you know they loved me, too? I watch them from heaven now and Baby Tara still cries for me and yells at my mommy, wanting her to bring me back.

Did you know that my mommy raised me from the time I was 2 weeks old? Did you know that I was found in a shoe box behind a Dumpster in the middle of the winter, and I was shaved and cut and burnt and my mommy took care of me and made me better and then kept me because she couldn’t let go of me? Did you know my momma sat up many nights with me, holding me when I was scared?

Did you know I licked the tears from my girls’ faces when they fell (while) Rollerblading? Did you know I used to cuddle with Tigger the cat and sleep with my head on her? Did you know that I would chase my tail when momma gave me a hand sign?

Did you know that I took care of my mommy when she had seizures or when the vertigo made her sick? It was the least I could do for all that she did for me for the 16 years that she took care of me. I loved her so!

Did you know when I was diagnosed with cancer, momma helped me and kept me alive for 9 more years than they said I would live? The cancer did not kill me, you did though. Do you remember?

Did you know my mommy took very good care of me as I aged and started going blind and deaf? Mommy always told me that she would be my seeing eye mommy and that she would protect me, But she couldn’t protect me from you, and now she cries a lot; did you know that? Do you care that my daddy’s dog almost died because it stopped eating for a long time after I was gone?

Did you know that even though I was going blind and deaf, I could understand what momma wanted me too do through hand signals and gentle touches too my side?

Did you know that I was very, very scared and all alone at that place that they made my mommy take me?

Did you know they told my mommy I didn’t eat for 8 whole days and just lay there shaking and scared? Did they tell you I had a lot of seizures because my momma wasn’t there to help me when I was scared?

Did you know I could hear her out there begging for me? Did you know that my mommy wasn’t allowed to even see me, nor was my daddy, or other family members?

The people at the shelter told them I was going to die, and my momma wanted to be with me and let me die at the vet’s, but the people wouldn’t let her take me there? Did you know I died scared and alone, without my mommy? Do you care?

Can you tell me why you came into my home without permission, even though you were making a delivery? My mommy had always asked that you call our home before you came so that someone could watch out for your car. You see, my mommy knew that people were after doggies of all kinds and wanting to use the laws against the dogs. After all, we are just dogs right? Did you ever wonder how it would affect us? Did you not think of all those you were going to hurt? Did you know I wasn’t ready to die and leave mommy? Did you know that momma still cries for me and it’s been months and months since I’ve gone up here to heaven?
Did you know I was shaking and scared near the end, but I knew that if my momma could have gotten to me that she would have been there? Did you know that doggies can cry? And they can be sad and scared?

Did you know that I didn’t mean too bite you? I only wanted you to stop shaking that bag and leave my house. I heard momma say her arms and heart are empty now. Can you please tell my mommy not to cry anymore because I’m always at her side, watching over her?

I get sad sometimes because mommy sees the pit bulls and Staff terriers that are dying because of people trying to make money, and she knows that there are more mommies out there crying like her.

Even though you took my life, I can’t be angry or hate. It’s not in my breed. Did you know that?


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