Friday, August 13

Nina's fatty tumor

Pickles, Nina' & Teddy.
Notice anything weird?
Well besides Pickles looking like
a hooker w/ her legs spread open. Ha!

My little dog Nina' has a fatty tumor.
When we first took her to the vets to have it looked at, it wasn't that big. He inserted a syringe and pulled out air. He told us its just a fatty tumor. He said, it would get bigger and be unsightly. Some people will have it removed on their dogs but in Nina's case, she can't. She has a congestive heart failure and a murmur. She has a very high risk of dying under anesthesia. She was born w/ the murmur and the heart condition has come on with age. She doesn't have as much energy as she used to, but of course she is a senior and when she starts playing or gets excited she starts gagging and coughing. Anyway... I wonder how large this tumor is going to get?

Links: Lipomas aka Fatty Tumors


  1. Aw....poor girl! Not sure how big they can get but hopefully hers won't get too big. As long as it's not painful for her, right?
    LOL about Pickles! Astro lays totally upside down all the time, legs spread open, his privates totally exposed, it's funny. I've started calling him my little "tootsie roll" with legs, lol!

  2. Hi, Jackie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. You really made my day.
    As far as "lipomas", I've also heard, they are not very serious. I hope your Nina does ok with hers. I know she is very precious to you.