Saturday, August 7

Sister Wives

a. I love reality tv
b. I love the show Big Love on HBO
(if you have never seen it, it stars Bill Paxton who is a polygamist who has 3 wives! It's jaw-dropping tv! Think religious Sopranos.)
Any who... I am so excited I can't even contain myself.
I love waking up and reading something that gets me so excited!

Combine Reality TV & Polygamy and you get a new reality show that follows a Polygamist, his 3 sister wives, a ton of children and his pursuing of a 4th wife!!!
Can we all say AMEN!!! haha

Sister Wives
Sept 26th
Channel - TLC

Lifestyle - Salt Lake Tribune
Washington Post

P.S. The lifestyle is not for me. I am just too jealous!!! But... I feel as a country if consenting ADULT men & women want to all be married together then that is their decision and it should be open and okay. I think its sad that they have to live in hiding and have it be shameful. We should not be judging one another. Not all polygamist are cult leaders that marry off children to old men like we have seen in the news.


  1. Me too Jackie...way too jealous for that stuff! I don't see how they do it. Although.....I have sometimes thought about how much easier it would be on me if Jeff had more than one wife!! ROFLOL!

  2. LOL Andrea!!! I know exactly what you mean!!! :-)

    Have a GREAT weekend. :-)