Thursday, August 12

Were cheating! :-O

While going down the highway Sunday, we looked over and both of us were drooling. Is this cute or what? Its an Airstream and after googling, I am going to say its the SPORT model for 30K! Yikes!
Isn't it cheating if your lusting after another?
Ohhhhh poor broke down "Connie."
Gah! I wish it was finished already!

If we become quite the campers, in a few years I think we are going to upscale to the airstream. It's sooooooo nice. &&& FYI on the side of the vehicle pulling it, it said, "Just Married." Awwww I wonder where they were going?

1 comment:

  1. yes, y'all were cheating, but I think it's ok since you were doing it together, lol!
    seriously too cute!