Saturday, September 18

Connie's fridge

Connie's new fridge!!!

We ended up not going w/ the one we saw at Lowes awhile back, while shopping at Target (Damn you country living magazine showing me adorable halloween skull plates found at Target but they turned out to be plastic! Blech!) anyway... I'm rambling...

I saw this fridge that was available for college kids/dorm rooms now on clearance for $75! And since we are not using "gas" in Connie we don't need an expensive gas or electric RV fridge, I took pictures to show hubby. I also love that the front is a whiteboard so I can write fun messages while we are camping and be my usual dorky self. Tic-Tac-Toe anyone?

He loved it, said it would fit perfect, just a small gap on the top and sides and away we went to pick it up.


  1. Adorable!! I loved those plates too, but bummer that they're plastic! WTF?

  2. How neat ... what a great deal!

    I wasn't going to go with gas, just wanted the lines checked but the guy at the RV place redid the connections and the lines and hooked up 2 propane tanks so guess I have gas ... ha ha! He showed me how to light the stove and the furnace but I'm not planning on using the gas. My fridge is an icebox.

  3. Mary, I recently talking to a friend of mine the other day who has been around rv's her whole life and very experienced about not using gas and she was like, "WHAT? What if it gets cold outside?" (she didn't realize the furnace/heater was missing in Connie when we got it)She went on to telling me that propane and gas is different and propane smells like that for a reason and about this woman near where she lives smelled propane and she and her hubby looked for the leak and never found it and went to bed. The next morning she lit her stove to cook and it blew up and she is in the hospital and it looks like she will die. She was telling me we should use gas, etc.. etc... and not to be foolish like that woman, if we smell propane don't use anything until its checked out and I said, "Carrie.... no way! I said maybe later on down the line when we are experienced and we get a newer fancy schmancy trailer."

    I am scared to death of the stuff! I plan on microwaving it in the rv parks or cooking outside w/ a coleman camping propane stove (those don't bother me at all.)