Tuesday, September 21

Happy Fall Y'all

My favorite time of the year! :-)

I love the falls turning & falling,
pumpkins on porches,
the scents of cinnamon,
crackling wood, rain & hot coffee.

I need to get up in the attic
and get out my winter clothes
and all my Halloween decorations! :-)

I've also been craving apple pie
for weeks now and I need
to just go make one,
enough procrastination already. :-)

An old header of mine.
I would like to make those pumpkins again. It was fun, just bought sugar pumpkins and got out a fat black marker and tied on black checked ribbon.


  1. My favorite time of year too Jackie! I need to pull out the fall decorations but have been so sick and just haven't felt up to it :(
    I remember those pumpkins you made, too cute!

  2. I'm another lover of fall. Those pumpkins you decorated are darling!