Saturday, September 25

homemade sour cream is not my friend

With absolutely no plans for dinner, at the last minute I said, how about bean burritos? How I make them is so NOT healthy, after rolling them up, I brown/fry them in oil until crisp. Ted loves them... anywho... he asked if we had any sour cream (tofutti) and I said, no but I can make some sour cream!!! I had read about making sour cream before online.
So I searched the internet, found a recipe... and began adding the tofu to the food processor, lemon juice, vinegar, oil & salt and pulsed away.

I have one word: YUCK

It tasted like a really bad off brand of an eggy tasting mayonaisse. It was awful! But even after I gagged in the kitchen, I said to Ted, "here taste this." In which he got a huge finger full. I just died!!! LOL!!! I was rolling as he was gagging and coughing. HAHAHAHAHAHA

So needless to say, that was my little experimentation.
Note to self: never try that again!

And the burritos were just fine "sour cream" less. :-)

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