Wednesday, September 29

Skipping Halloween

Have you seen the movie, Skipping Christmas w/ Jamie Lee Curtis? Well thats how I feel about Halloween this year. I don't want to dig around the attic, decorate, make food & have our annual party. I'm just not feeling it this year. In the past several weeks we are already having little kids on bikes daily coming down and asking my husband when is he going to start decorating and can they help? Sheesh! So will it truly be like the movie Skipping Christmas when the neighbors were asking for Frosty that the week before Halloween the neighbor kids will be outside chanting "Wheres the grim reaper? Wheres the grim reaper? Bring him out, well hang him up!" While I am inside hiding?

I have begun a new lap/throw blanket for the couch.

&&& P.S.
I do NOT like all these blogger changes.
Especially the posting editor. Grr!

They already canceled a new fall tv show! I knew it!!! Thank God it wasn't one I was watching, and I had thought about it too! Lone Star on Fox. 

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  1. sorry you're not feelin' it this year....i know just what you mean though, sometimes i feel that way about c-mas and that's my favorite holiday! wtf???