Wednesday, October 13

Cashew Cream

Soak Cashews in hot water for an hour
soak cashews in water over night
throw all in food processor
and pulse away
adding more water for consistency that you want.

I had made this for a scallop potato recipe
that I am not putting the recipe up for.
It called for like 12 garlic cloves
and I did not like it. Way too garlicy!
But the family sure gobbled it up.

Cashew cream is pretty cool!
When Amber worked at a raw
restaurant called Thrive in Seattle
They used cashew cream in a lot recipes.

On the ELLEN show recently
she showed that you can use cashew
cream for macaroni and cheese
and as a dip w/ flour for frying for 
making mock chicken fried steak.
Yes, Ellen is a vegan.

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