Wednesday, October 13

Craft Room

My little buddy, Chris
moved out of our home
"on good terms you little gossipers :-)"
and I turned his room into a craft room.
On the left side of the room
not shown in the picture
are book shelves.

I can't tell you how nice it is
to have a nice big craft table.
I love this room so much,
I don't ever want to leave it. :-)

I was making Halloween cards for an
exchange I am in.

Every card was different,
but this one was/is my favorite.
Simple, fun & it makes me smile.
Nothing like shakin' the old bones
on Halloween.

Speaking of old bones,
my lil' Chihuahua Nina'
is looking so old.
Her congestive heart disease
is really aging her fast.
I thought I lost her this past Sunday
from a really severe seizure.

I'm not ready for her to go anywhere.
She is getting extra medicine, extra love
and extra prayers.


  1. what a great room girlfriend! Have fun with that card exchange!
    aw...bless Nina's little heart, she's so sweet!

  2. Jackie, I like your craft room! Great spot for cardmaking and other projects. ENJOY!

  3. Love the craft room, love the cards.

    Sending a prayer for Nina.