Thursday, October 28

Our 24 hr houseguest

Isn't he just a living doll???

Some neighbor boys were holding this dog and standing by the stop sign at a cross street for a long time, and finally hubby said, "What are you boys up to?" ~ We know these boys, normally they are in the front yard playing 20 questions.

Anywho... they explained that they found the dog and were standing at the stop sign waiting for its owner to drive by looking for it. So hubby suggested they take it up to the vets and see if it has a microchip. Well, there dad said, "No, Im busy!" So good ol' hubby took the dog and went to the vets.

The little dog didn't have a microchip (If your reading this and your pet does not have a microchip either, it really is a good thing. You never know when something might happen to your dog or cat.) So Ted left his info with the vet and came on home, made a sign and hung it by the road and he put the dog in the x-pen we have downstairs for when Lola, our foster dog is having one of her aggressive mood swings. Anyway... I was oblivious to everything that went on, so as I be-bopped down to do laundry, I saw this precious bundle of joy and squealed and immediately took him into my arms where he was most of the night and today.

I heard the whole story and posted an ad on craigslist.
I also made hubby repeat exactly what the boys had said and I kept asking questions to see if their was more to the story (I watch a lot of criminal minds and csi - haha!) So, come to find out... there were 3 dogs. 2 small dogs & 1 boxer. The boxer ran off and a white van drove by and grabbed one of the dogs and the little boys got the other dog. Which was now at our house.

He was recently groomed, the vet said he was 4-5 years old and his teeth were sparkling white! Someone would be missing this dog.

Well, this afternoon the emails started 
coming via craigslist and the vets office.
His name is Chewy, short for chewbacca 
and he loves to chase squirrels.

The boxer found his way home last night, but the other dog, the female yorkie is still missing!!!! The owner is just besides herself and feels horrible. At least Chewy will be cuddling with his people tonight and hopefully whoever owns the white van will do the right thing.

These pictures were to show how small the dog is, 
that is a normal size bottle of vicks.
Next to my iPhone.

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  1. Aw, what a sweet baby! He's lucky y'all helped him find his way back home....hope the other doggie shows up soon!
    Yorkies are boss has two!