Saturday, November 27

Being Thankful . . .

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?

I had a wonderful time.
"Friends & Family
is what its all about! :-)"
When it was time to go around
the table to say what we are
thankful for, I knew immediately
what I would say.
My mom being cancer free
and putting this past year
behind her!

I am very thankful for everything.
I say thank you to God
every night before I go to sleep.
I can't even fall asleep without praying.

The roof over my head,
a wonderful husband laying besides me,
my daughter safe, healthy and sound,
my wonderful fur-babies that 
give me such love & joy,
food in our bellies,
that our family and friends
are safe and healthy.

Being thankful is a definite
mood changer.
Having a bad hair day?
Be thankful you have hair.
Things like that.

I am writing all this because
I recently saw:
w/ Julia Roberts.
Because we are to admire
and love how this woman
made life changes and made differences?
Not me sister!
Right from the get go
she was a bored woman
who left her husband
for no other reason than the
fact she was bored.
I was immediately put off!
She could have had life
experiences and taken him with her
along for the ride.

There was a statistic on the news
the other day, that most people aren't
into getting married anymore.
They think whats the point?


So let me get this straight,
the majority of heterosexuals
don't want to get married anymore
but yet they wont vote yes to 
let homosexuals get married?


Marriage can be hard.
It's not all wine & roses 24-7.
And the grass isn't always greener.
Ask someone who has been 
married 3 or 4 times.

If your bored, get a hobby.
Don't destroy a family.

*** I am not saying stay married 
to emotional or physical abusers 
that's completely different.
In that situation,
run don't walk!!! ***

Just be thankful for what you have.
Treasure your memories.
Have open communication.
Tell your partner how your feeling
before you make up your
decision to walk out the door.

Now grab your hunny
and turn on some christmas music
and start decorating!!!
Tis' the Season :-)


  1. Couldn't agree more with every single thing you said!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I agree with you, Jackie, that being thankful improves one's mood. Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself, I remember individuals whose burdens are greater than mine. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.