Tuesday, November 2

Halloween Night . . .

Did you have a fun Halloween?
Halloween at our house is all about my husband, Ted.
I wanted to skip it this year.

We had bought enough candy for 220 kids and it was all gone!!!
130 pieces were full size candy bars. We always buy the treats from SAMS. It's so much cheaper buying full size in bulk.

We had a few people over. Usually it's much larger inside. I think it was better since Ted's back has been killing him and I was dealing (still am) with a cold/flu thing and was doped up big time!

It's over now! Everything is packed up and I have my Thanksgiving decorations all out. I love Thanksgiving. I love a good meal if you didn't know... HAHA! This year we will be turkey-less at my mom's! :-) Amber and I are so excited to have a cruel free/meat free dinner.

On with a few pics . . .
This is Ted's girl, I HATE HER!!! :::Shiver:::
Normally she hangs on the cemetery fence, but this year he put her inside "Connie," our 1969 vintage travel trailer that is being restored.
Nightime (notice he gave her a lil' friend? a black cat):
(Do you know how many nights she scared the cr@p out of Chris or Amber coming home late at night all month long?)

Ted's carved pumpkin is in the back, 
mine is Oogey Boogey up front:

Ted's favorite treat to make is the witch fingers. He really gets in to it. The thing is, they really don't taste very good. LOL! It's a basic shortbread recipe, and I just don't think they are very sweet. Remember as a kid when your mom would take leftover pie crust and make strips for you w/ cinnamon and sugar and bake them in the oven? That's what they taste like but w/out the cinnamon and sugar. Plain jane dough. We veganized them this year! :-)

We use to be able to buy strawberry ice cream topping for the blood, but for several years now, we can't find it. So I just make the blood now. It's so easy. Cherry Jelly, Hersheys Cocoa, Corn Syrup and a lil' red food coloring. (Some red food colorings are not vegan! They are made from bugs! Yes you heard me. Most red food coloring comes from the bug

Everything on the table was vegan, 
except for the cheese pizza. 
I got that for Ted & Ray.
I also had a vegan pizza, 
but had it in the kitchen.
Everything else was pretty easy to veganize. 
Spinach dip, taco dip, pumpkin bars, etc...
Precious Nina' w/ the crocheted 
Halloween blanket I made.
Apple did not want to wear her 
Halloween tee shirt! Poor baby!
She finally got used to is and spread out in front of the fire on another crocheted Halloween blanket I made.
Bloody Marys anyone?
I mostly put all my Halloween (small items) in a glass cabinet. I liked it much better and took a picture so I would remember for next year.
My kitchen helpers:
Mom, can we go trick-or-treating too?
Part of front yard before it got really dark:
Chris and Amber:
My mom and our friend Patti, cracks me up!
My mom said she is a glam vampire and Patti is a gym rat:

Happy November!!! :-)

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