Sunday, November 14

Raising boobs...

Today we took our Boston terrier, Apple to a dog meet up today. It's like a playdate for dogs in an enclosed setting at a park. All the dogs were having so much fun running around and being typical dogs and enjoying themselves with dopey smiles on their faces. Well except for one dog. Sigh. My Apple. Her whole body shook with fear, she looked simply pathetic as she wrapped her paws around my right leg trying to get me to pick her up. She wanted no part of it. I had people giving me advice like taking her to a dog socializer. I tried to explain we have a lot of dogs at home. Trust me, she socializes and plays like crazy. One guy told me maybe I should leave so she couldn't see me so she would play. It brought back flashbacks of when Amber was 5 and it was the first day of kindergarten. She was had her little arms wrapped around my right leg begging me not to leave her. When I finally detached her and left, she screamed, cried and kicked the teacher. Yes, she really did. From then on Ted had to take her to kindergarten until she actually liked it. So as I contemplated leaving Apple in the enclosed pen, My husband chimed in with, Apple will just run to the fence and try and get out. I knew he was right. We forced Apple to endure an hour until she started growling and then it was, okay then this was fun and it's time to go.

I wiped off her muddy feet and put on her pink fleece sweater and wrapped her in a blanket cuddling her with soothing mommy talk, "It's okay you can be my baby waby. And those mean ol' dogs just didn't understand you."

It didn't really HIT me until tonight when as I was taking off my makeup in the bathroom, I heard scratching at the door. It was Pepper Ann, our chubsy wubsy chihuahua. I said, what's the matter Pepper Ann?  As I left the bathroom I realized the problem. She wanted me to fluff her dog bed, straighten the sheet and straighten the blankets. As I was doing this and tucking her in, I knew the realization of.... Its plain and simple I am raising boobs. I have turned every single one of my dogs into giant boobs!

I have mothered them to the point of ruining their social skills. Sigh.
Will I change? Probably not. 
I am not going to give up on the play dates though. We will go again next week, and the week after that and so on. But this time we will bring another dog with. Maybe if Apple has a best friend with her she will loosen up and play. Either that or I will have two dogs clinging to both legs as the other dog owners shake their heads and give me pitiful glances.

I must have done something right with Amber. She is beyond social. :-O

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