Tuesday, November 16

Thankyou & Thankful

I want to say, Thank you to my new blog followers from blogfrog. Welcome new friends . . . my blog entries are pretty random from rambling about my dogs, dog care, rescue dogs, my daughter Amber with PETA, recipes, my journey as being a vegan, my family/friends, things I love, decorating and maybe a craft project or two.

I know not everyone is thrilled w/ my vegan talk. But its a journey I am really enjoying. It will be a year in January! I had done it before many years ago but didn't stick with it because I wasn't eating properly and taking supplements. My daughter is a 3 year vegan, my mother a 3 year vegetarian, my husband an almost 1 year vegetarian. So its nice to all be on this journey together and widening our food spectrum.

I love animals very much but my vegan journey is all about good health. I am fanatical about trying to put no chemicals in my body. No diet pop, no diet (sugar free) anything!!! And eating organically.

I also want to say that my mother has been given a clean bill of health! She is cancer free!!! It has been a really hard ordeal for her this past year both physically and mentally. We have something truly to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Good Health to you and yours, :-)

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