Thursday, November 18

This & That :-)

1st,  Amber was in Las Vegas today handing out tofurkey meals and who should come along, but Elvis! Amber quoted, "Pelvised by Elvis"... my question was, "Where is Elvis right hand?"

2nd, this is a complete brag!!!
Look at what I bought today!!!
Jenny Heid, that girl is always spending my money! haha! 
Posted this gorgeous wreath via etsy on her facebook the other day, and I just couldn't stop looking at it. I was drawn in BIG TIME!!!
And I am going to leave it up all year round! Because after all, Everyday is a Holiday! :-)
For more from the seller click HERE
Merry Christmas to Me!!! :-)

3rdly hehe
Look at this wonderful craft how to from
Click HERE for the tutorial for this wonderful felt tree! :-)


  1. Jackie, I have to admit I'm envious. Your wreath is exquisite! I'm glad you treated yourself to an early Christmas gift. I agree with's too beautiful to put away after the holidays.


  2. Love the wreath. I made one of these several years ago and have enough vintage ornaments for a couple more. I would have NO idea how to ship one though...VERY fragile!