Sunday, December 18

Sandra Lee's White Chocolate Eggnog

Sandra Lee's
White Chocolate Eggnog

Into a blender add:
1 quart eggnog
1/2 cup white rum
1/2 cup Godiva white chocolate liqueur
Blend for just a second
Then top w/ a spoonful of
whipped cream
& a sprinkling of nutmeg
or pumpkin pie spice

It is sooooo good!!!!
However... drink sparingly!
1 cup of eggnog without alcohol
is about 340 calories!!!

We made these at my friend Patti's little
Christmas get together on Dec 17th.
It was so much fun!


Sunday, November 27

Sunday Night Dinner

It has taken me 3 days to decorate for Christmas!!!! :-O
And I am still not done! :-O
So I wanted to make something easy tonight, we weren't in the mood for take-out.

So I created this.... I don't even know what to call it.
It's sooooooo good. Hubby asked for
leftovers to go in his lunch tomorrow.

Field Roast (a Seattle company) makes awesome vegan "meats"
Our favorite is the Apple Sage Sausage

I sauteed 1 pkg of sausage w/ 2 small chopped zucchinis in a tiny amount of olive oil. Added 1 pkg of fresh basil that I tore up in small pieces, 1 can chopped black olives, garlic powder, salt & pepper, then when the zucchini was soft enough, added in cooked pasta & some vegetable broth. And that's it. I will totally be making this again. :-)

biscuit waffles

The other day, I saw on pinterest about taking
canned biscuits and making waffles out of them.
Hubby LOVES waffles. I mean loves them.
I on the other hand prefer a nice pancake.
Anywho... I wanted to try this. So I did:

All it is, is canned biscuits
your waffle maker
and PAM

Easy? VERY!
Fast? VERY!
Good? Eh, alright.
Taste like waffles? Nooooo

Hubby ate several,
I tasted one.
And it does NOT taste like waffles.
But I think kids would love it.

Saturday, November 26

Grain Loaf

Usually Amber likes to have Tofurkey at Thanksgiving. It's a faux meat shaped like a little round turkey ball. I think it taste horrible. I have tried it on 3 separate occasions and just hated it. It has a weird aftertaste. However the Tofurkey company makes awesome lunch "meats" that hubby and I just love! I don't understand why I don't like the Tofurkey pretend turkey. Hubby doesn't like it either so this year at Thanksgiving I told my daughter... NO TOFURKEY! She said, "Well what then?" I was like, "Nothing. Why do we need something like that? The side dishes are the best anyway." But she said, she wanted to bring a grain loaf. I was thinking.... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. :-/

But OMG! It was amazing!!!!!
Hubby and I loved it so much!
We even took some home and ate it like meat loaf sandwiches the next day.

I looked up the recipe (<---click there) daughter used and WOW thats a lot of ingredients but it was really, really, really good. So if your feeling adventurous.... try it. :-)

I am totally going to make it myself. :-)

In case something happens to the recipe on that blog,
I am going to copy it here. I don't want to lose it.

Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf


  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 ribs celery
  • 1 medium carrot
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 15-ounce can cannellini beans (or other white beans), drained and rinsed
  • 14 ounces extra-firm tofu (one 14 to 16-ounce package)
  • 2 tablespoons gluten-free soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 tablespoon spicy brown or whole-grain prepared mustard
  • 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1/2 tablespoon rubbed sage
  • 1 tablespoon thyme leaf
  • 1/2 tablespoon dried rosemary, crushed
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
  • 3/4 cup quinoa flakes or quick oatmeal


  1. Wash a medium sweet potato (about 7 ounces), pierce it several times with a fork, wrap it in a paper towel, and microwave until done, 4-5 minutes. (Alternately, bake or steam the sweet potato.) Allow to cool enough to handle and then peel and set aside.
  2. Mince the onion, celery, and carrot. You can do this quickly by cutting each vegetable in quarters and then pulsing in a food processor until finely chopped.
  3. Heat a large, non-stick skillet. Add the minced vegetables, including garlic, and cook, stirring regularly, until they become tender, about 6-10 minutes. Add water by the teaspoon if necessary to keep the vegetables from sticking or becoming dry. Once they’re softened, add the drained beans and mash them lightly with a slotted spoon or spatula.
  4. Place the peeled sweet potato into the food processor along with the tofu, soy sauce, and all seasonings, including nutritional yeast. Process until fairly smooth. Add the walnuts and pulse a few more times. Scrape the tofu mixture into a large mixing bowl and add the quinoa flakes and the cooked vegetables. Stir well.
  5. Preheat oven to 375F. If you have a silicone baking mat (recommended) place it on a baking sheet. Otherwise line the baking sheet with parchment paper or spray with non-stick spray. Spoon the tofu mixture onto the prepared baking surface, using dampened hands to shape it into an oblong or oval loaf about 2 1/2 inches high. Bake for 25 minutes or until the top is evenly browned. Loosely cover with aluminum foil and cook for 20 more minutes. Check to make sure that the center is firm; if not, give it a little extra time. (You can also remove the foil and cook for 5 more minutes for a crunchier crust.) Remove from oven and allow to stand for 10 minutes before slicing and serving.
Serving Suggestion: Serve alone or with Mushroom Gravy on the side.
Preparation time: 20 minute(s) | Cooking time: 1 hour(s) 5 minute(s)
Number of servings: 8 | Yield: about 16 slices

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition (per serving): 315 calories, 75 calories from fat, 8.8g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 682.7mg sodium, 949.5mg potassium, 42.7g carbohydrates, 9.7g fiber, 3.8g sugar, 19g protein, 8.9 points.
Without walnuts: 266 calories, 32 calories from fat, 4g total fat, 7.5 points.

Wednesday, November 23

cutie pie

He is soooooooooooooo cute! :-)

Sunday, November 20

Send a Christmas card to . . .

I read this on Facebook,
so I wanted to pass it on. :-)

When filling out your Christmas cards this year, 
please consider taking one card and send it to this address: 

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 
6900 Georgia Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20307-5001. 

If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, 
think of how many cards these wonderful, 
special people, who have sacrificed so much would get.

Happy Sunday

♫ If your happy and you know it clap your hands
If your happy and you know it clap your hands
If your happy and you know it then your face will surely show it
If your happy and you know it clap your hands ♫


Life is too short! 
Smile & Enjoy it! :-)

Friday, November 18

Monday, November 14

Potato Soup

I guess I am on a soup kick! :-)

Easy Peasy warm winter comforting soup
and vegan!

Started w/ a spoonful of Earth Balance 
(my fav vegan margarine, I get soy free)
& a spoonful of flour.
Making a thick base, adding in
Nutritional yeast and seasonings.
Salt, pepper, garlic, onion, cayenne & parsley.
Adding vegetable broth, unsweetened non-dairy milk
(my fav is so-delicious coconut milk)
and cubed cooked potatoes.
Heat until bubbly,
Top w/ Daiya "cheese" (my fav vegan cheese)
& Bacon Bits (which have no meat in it, its soy based.)
& I gotta have my saltines crushed in the bowl.

Were you thankful & happy today?
I was! :-)
My 5:
  • Fire in the fireplace
  • A hot cup of coffee
  • Desperate Housewives on the DVR
  • Watching Daisy's silly antics (my cat)
  • Window 7 themes (I went download crazy on hubby's laptop)
it's the little things :-)

Sunday, November 13

Being Happy

I had commented on my facebook wall about folks that aren't happy.
They live w/ stress & misery, and sadly eventually it takes a toll on them physically and mentally.
Some completely give up and turn to things they think make them happy but then when you see them, they never smile and they look on the verge of a complete breakdown.
Life is just too short to not be happy! And as my friend Andrea said, Happiness is a choice!
You can choose to be happy, no matter your circumstance or just wallow in self pity and misery.

Choosing to be happy can just be enjoying the little things. If there is nothing in your life that can bring a smile to your face from time to time then you need to change your surroundings and get happy!

I remember when Sarah Ban Breathnach was on Oprah years and years and years ago with her gratitude book and talking about that every day you should write down 5 things you are thankful for. Now think about that... if your thankful, you are happy. You can't be thankful and be miserable.

My 5 thankful things for today:
  • Peppermint Saltwater Taffy
  • Peppermint Starbucks Mocha
  • Hubby lining my closet w/ cedar planks
  • Wearing my pink sweater, instead of typical black
  • The Walking dead tv show
I literally could go on and on and on... of course I woke up tired today and my throat hurt and I had originally planned on just staying home. But I thought, "No! Life is to short!" "I am not going to dwell on the negative." So I took a shower, got dressed, put on my pearls and left the house. It turned out to be a fabulous, wonderful day and I forgot all about my sore throat and I smiled a lot today. :-)

Choose to be happy!

Saturday, November 12

Mmm Pumpkin

One of my favorite reasons I love the fall season so much is pumpkin. I love how they look, all grouped together or just one single one.

Instead of going all out for Halloween decorating, I always told hubby the scariest house is the darkest with a single glowing jack-o-lantern on the porch, as in the movie Halloween. Of course hubby disagrees with me! :-)

And pumpkin food?!?!?!?! YUM!!!! One of my most favorite breads is cranberry pumpkin bread.

There are also a lot of health benefits w/ pumpkin. Which brings me to my blog entry... my foster dog, Lola was having a bad morning. Diarrhea! :-O Eek! Poor thing. She didn't know what was wrong she just knew she had to keep going outside and she was miserable. So I remembered that pumpkin, if you are constipated it gets you going and if your (ahem) loose it will stop it. It's dual use. And vets actually recommend it for dogs. So I opened a can for Lola and gave her a few spoonfuls. Search -> Pumpkin for Dogs

So I had an open can of pumpkin and by this afternoon I was thinking, should I make pumpkin biscuits? Pancakes? Hmm what? And I wanted to be more healthy because I still havn't gotten out of the Halloween candy and now consuming daily peppermint mochas. Sooooooo I always wanted to make pumpkin soup but was to lazy to look up a recipe (my mac is in the repair shop, sniff sniff, I am on hubbys windows DELL - ugh!)

So I just made one up! I thought how hard could it be?

And it wasn't!!! :-)
It was super easy and satisfying and sooooooo good! :-)

I took 1 spoonful of olive oil and 1 spoonful of flour
and made kind of a roux in a saucepan,
added salt, pepper, parsley, garlic, onion & cayenne.
Added vegetable broth
& non-dairy milk
sprinkling of nutritional yeast
and then added the canned pumpkin
and whisked it until it was hot and bubbly.

If I can make it up,
I bet you could do it better! :-)

~ Happy Fall ~

Wednesday, October 5

Sunday, August 28

Tropical Dream

My lovely mother

Tropical Dream
So good!

Coconut Rum
Blue Curacao
Pineapple Juice

The recipe I found called for 1 part each.
No way! To strong!
My version is 1 part each of the booze
to 2 parts each of the pineapple juice

Blend w/ ice in Blender.

Monday, August 22

Pinch Me, I must be Dreaming

Trailers name is PIP
Owner's name is Hazel
(no blog link, from Facebook's
"The Loyal Order of the Glamper")

Her trailer is AWESOME!!!!!
Painted clouds on the ceiling,
one of the best creative trailers
I have ever seen.
Everything is so Cath Kidston.

Couldn't you just cuddle up
in here and never want to leave?

It's wonderful! :-)

Tuesday, August 9

OMGosh Yum! Wanna make this. :-D

Recipe from

Click on the picture, to view bigger or just go to website :-)

Sunday, August 7


Made w/ Rice Lasagne Noodles,
zucchini, black olives, mushrooms
spaghetti sauce

& even though the lasagne was gluten free
oh yeah we pigged out on french bread.

I love making lasagne because you can eat on it for 3-4 days. It makes so much. :-)

Want. :-D

I hope it's okay that I am sharing this photo.
If not, just comment, and I will remove it.

See the thermos lamp on the table?
I want one!!!!!!!!
How cute is that for a camper?
Everything about this picture is so charming. :-)

Wanna make this . . .

(click on the image to make it bigger)

Thursday, August 4


Once upon a time . . .

                                       . . . in the 80's my dad married a woman named Joan. She was his 2nd wife. Joan had 3 kids. A daughter and 2 sons. One son named Matt who was my exact same age. We had so much fun together. He would sneak my dads truck out at night and we would all laugh and laugh pushing that truck out of the driveway being as quiet as possible. When your suppose to be quiet is when you laugh the most.

Then a little less than a year being married, dad left Joan and we moved out. I never saw them again. My new brothers and sisters.

Months ago I reunited with the daughter on Facebook and asked how the family was doing.

And then yesterday I read this . . .

Family, friends remember father and son who died in plane crash

ELK, Wash. -- A memorial service for Matthew Keith Annis, 45, and Matthew Riley Annis, 8, is scheduled for Saturday, July 16 at 3:00 p.m. It will be held at Deer Park Elementary School.
Family members are inviting the public to attend.
The father and son left the Elk Heights Airport July 8. They were headed for Arlington, Washington, but they never arrived.
Family members reported them missing after they did not check in.
FAA spokesman Mike Fergus said the wreckage of the Piper PA 22 was spotted the next day on the Cascade foothills in Snohomish County.
SAR volunteers from Everett Mountain Rescue were dropped onto a ridge above the crash site Sunday and then rappelled to the scene, which was located in steep terrain.
They were able to recover the bodies and a sheriff’s office helicopter was used to bring them out of the site.
The FAA said an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the crash.

And read this . . .

Obituaries for July 18, 2011

Mathew Keith Annis
Mathew Keith Annis, 45, of Elk, Wash., died July 8, 2011, in a private aircraft accident.
His memorial service was Saturday at the Vine Community Church in Deer Park Elementary at Elk, Wash.
He died doing what he loved on his way to the Arlington, Wash., Air Show, his family said.
Mathew Keith was born on May 15, 1966, at Sacramento, Calif., to Joan James and Terry Annis. He graduated from Mount Tahoma High School in 1984. He went on to graduate from the Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa Okla., in 1986.
After graduating, he went on to work for Continental Airlines as an A&P mechanic at the Los Angeles International Airport and then transferred to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. He then went to work for Horizon Air, in 1991, at Portland International Airport where he met the love of his life, his wife, Nanine. They transferred to Spokane, Wash., in 1994.
During his time in Spokane, he was promoted to lead mechanic. In 2010, he was promoted to aircraft maintenance supervisor (OSR) at COE. Starting in 1994, Mathew Keith and Nanine spent many hours together building their home. In 2003, their son, Matthew Riley, was born. A few years later, they were had a daughter, Emma LeRae.
Along with his great love of family, Mathew Keith loved to fish, boat, hike, snowmobile, ski, and pilot his plane.
“You might say he loved the outdoors or anything with wings,” his family said.
Mathew Keith loved to mentor and help anybody who needed it. He would give you the shirt off of his back, his family said. He was very dedicated to his family, job, and company, Horizon Air.
Mathew Keith Annis will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate to have known him, his family said.
Survivors include his wife of 15 years, Nanine; daughter, Emma Lerae; parents, Terry and Kathy Annis and John and Joan James; sister, LeRae Christine Lee; brother, Terrance Michael Annis; grandparents, Frank and Lydda Schneider and Alma Greeley; and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

Mathew Riley Annis
Mathew Riley Annis, 8, of Elk, Wash., died with his father in a private aircraft accident on July 8, 2011.
His memorial service was Saturday at the Vine Community Church in Deer Park Elementary at Elk, Wash.
Mathew Riley loved being with his father and sharing their common passions.
Mathew Riley was born on March 9, 2003, at Spokane Wash., to Mathew Keith and Nanine Annis. He was a student at Riverside Elementary School.
He loved to play baseball. He belonged to the Riverside Rough Riders wrestling club. He loved to fish with family and he loved to ride his motorcycle after school. He also loved to snowmobile with his family.
He was his father’s lieutenant when it came to their love of the outdoors and his father’s right seat in anything with wings, family members said. Mathew Riley Annis will be greatly missed by all who loved and were fortunate to have know him, they said.
Mathew Riley garnered awards for helping other students in school. When not with his family, he was with and dearly loved his cousin, Terrance Annis, also known as “TC,” and his grandparents, John and Joan James.
Survived include his mother, Nanine Annis; his sister, Emma Lerae; grandparents, Terry and Kathy Annis, John and Joan James, and Keldon and Bonnie Gross; his Aunt LaRae Christine Lee and Uncle Terrance Michael Annis; great- grandparents, Frank and Lydda Schneider and Alma Greeley; and numerous other aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions to Nanine Annis through Tami’s Pine Valley Funeral Home, P.O. Box 543, Halfway, OR or at any US Bank in a special account for Nanine.

He died. :-( He died in a plane crash with his 8 year old son. He left behind a wife and daughter.

I am very saddened. 

Life is short.

Rest in Peace.

Hello my pretty . . .

50% off!!!!!!!
At Nordstrom Rack.
Juicy @ half off is 
very, very juicy indeed! :-D

The name of this ring is,
Entangled Engagement

Wednesday, August 3


In the make-up world or anything to do w/ your face... it takes a lot to WOW me anymore. Probably because if I veer away from Clinique I end up disappointed.

Well... I am WOWed, FLOORed and in AWE over this product!!!!

My mom and I were out shopping yesterday
and we stopped into Macys, 
The store was DEAD!
I mean zombies have more action than what 
was happening on a Tuesday afternoon in Macys. 
Out of pure desperation (I am sure) a
Benefit sales girl wanted to talk to us about make-up.
Neither mom and I were thrilled.
But I thought, what the HEY and sat down.
So we talked Mascara and then
got onto moms chemo treatments she had had
and her lack of eyelash growth...
which I don't know how it all happened
but the next thing ya know
Mom was in the make-up chair and
the gal was applying this pink stuff to under
an eye and talking about looking refreshed.

My mouth DROPPED OPEN!!!!!!
I mean WHOA!
The transformation from dark to light under moms left eye was unbelievable. That got my attention! And I knew what ever that was I wanted it! It made moms eye pop and shine and her whole face glowed just from a few dots of this pink stuff.

Mom bought it.
I bought it.

Today is a no make-up day.
I used my Suzanne Somers facemaster
applied moisturizer and got out my
new face brightener.
I followed the directions.
dot dot dot
under each eye
and pat in.
dot dot dot
dot dot dot
Yabba Dabba Do

I got a little carried away with the dotting.
I think I ended up w/ 9 dots under each eye.

This stuff is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

With or without make-up you apply it to your fresh face under each eye and then go about whatever you do next. I don't know what kind of magic this is, and frankly I don't want to know. PLEASE GOD don't let some weird animal part be in or Amber will kill me!!!!

It is:
Ooh La Lift
by Benefit
(If you click the above picture it will take you 
to the website or just go to the Mall and try it.)

Tuesday, August 2


Intended on getting one of the new charms, but fell in love with this instead. It's beyond words. I adore it. It sits perfect on my ring finger. I will treasure it forever and will want to be buried with it.  :-)

Junk Food

This is all hubby's fault! :-O
But I enjoyed every delicious bite! :-D

Made with:


Monday, August 1

New Juicy Charms @ Nordies

These are sooooooo 
              tooooooo cute, 
                        I just cant stand it! 

Print your Instagram

Do you use & love Instagram on your iPhone?
I am addicted to it! It's so much fun!

Well...... Look at this:

You can print your pics as a poster, a mini flip book, stickers, etc... Its fabulous! :-)


Do you like....

Then goooooooooooooooo
get these!!!!!!!!!

I have craved/talked about them before
but we went to Trader Joes this past
weekend and I bought them again.
One for me, one for Amber.

I had forgotten just how scrumptious they are.
I will never make that mistake again.


My punkin' plant

I want my own pumpkins to carve.
Last year we put a pumpkin plant in the front yard and the slugs destroyed it!
This year its in the back, in the sun (our seattle sometimes sun) and so far so good. Since Ted eats eggs I have been saving egg shells to crush up and sprinkle around the plant. I did that with my geranium plants out front that the slugs were destroying and now they look gorgeous.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you just deal with slugs and with my dogs out back I do not want to use slug bait or anything else like that. Crushed up egg shells really work. They cut the slugs so they wont go across where the shells are.

Sunday, July 31


Why do I keep posting dinners?
sometimes when people hear that I don't
eat meat, dairy or eggs
they always look shocked and then ask,
"What do you eat?"

And I eat everything!!!!!
What don't I eat? :-)
I'm probably the fattest vegan I know. HA!

The above salad was made with:

My mom turned me on to these.
I always thought they had eggs in them.
Amber said they use to have egg whites.
Now they are completely vegan & soooooo good!
1 patty has 11 grams of protein.


Tuesday, July 26

Sassy Sadie Lee

I love her stuff! :-)
It's completely adorable... and I can't wait to receive this... 

Click the above title of the blog entry
to go to her etsy store :-)


My mom gave us a box of these
Trader Joe's
Vegetable Masala Burgers
on Saturday and has asked me twice now
if I have tried them so I made them tonight
(all you do is heat them in a pan.)
She said how good they were and wanted
us to try them (and agree with her - ha!)

Well we did!!! YUM!!!!
Mom said to have them w/ BBQ sauce
and that they tasted like latkes.

We will totally buy these and stock the freezer
next time we go to Trader Joe's.

It just sucks that they are only 2grams of protein.

So it was a pretty carby meal
I made Colcannon from the leftover sauteed cabbage
and the cucumbers were getting soft so
I made the ol' stand-by salad of vinegar & oil cucumbers.
I tend to cook whatever needs to be used up! LOL!!!!

Gosh Darnit... I just looked and my Colcannon recipe is not on this blog anymore. Grr!!! I am delete happy I swear! Anyway... Just google Colcannon. Its cabbage and mashed potatoes mixed together. It's awesome and one of our most favorite things.

Sunday, July 24


Are you on Google+ yet?

I couldn't wait to get over there... I anxiously hoped for an invitation. Then when I finally got on well... frankly... its pretty darn boring. :-/

Maybe in the near future it will be something. But until then it's crickets. :-/



Beans, fried potatoes & sauteed cabbage
(I am addicted to sauteed cabbage)

Followed by:

Can you handle all the excitement?