Monday, February 28

What I learned from Nina'

What I learned from Nina':

1. if the sun is out, go lay in it
2. car rides are the best!
3. going on walks is fuuuuun
4. loud arguments are scary
5. sleeping is better on a pillow
6. kissing daddy is the best! especially when he tries to kiss mommy
7. love sweaters, pretty dresses, especially pink ones
8. mmm tasty snacks
9. visiting grandma marysue & papa larry makes you soooo happy
& 10. when all else fails, lick your feet

Friday, February 25


I had taken this picture to show my mom how well she is is/was still eating. Just look at that belly.

Last night we took Nina' to the Emergency Animal Hospital because she was having difficulty breathing. She couldn't sleep. She was in serious discomfort. So when we arrived there, they immediately took her from me in the waiting room to put her in an oxygen chamber. A good hour had gone by before we actually saw the doctor and he said, the situation was very grim. He examined her and he could hear a lot of fluid in her lungs but that the oxygen was helping. He wanted to do xrays and start her on an IV of Lasix to remove some of the fluid and his best guess was a secondary infection of Pnuemonia on top of the Congestive Heart disease but wouldn't know until he took xrays. I said, yes. Do what you can and then realizing how long an IV takes, I said, wait... your keeping her over night? And he said, yes she needs to stay on the oxygen. And of course I bursted out crying because I know how she gets when I am not with her. Especially since shes been sick. She gets frantic and whimpers. I wanted to say goodbye but I knew it would only upset her if she saw me and then couldn't go with me. So we left with the instructions that they would call if she took a turn for the worse otherwise come pick her up between 7-7:30am and most likely she will be given a prescription for antibiotics but he also said, she might not make it.
Well I left very upset but seriously thought she would come home the next morning with a prescription. So I went to sleep thinking about Ted picking her up and bringing her home and laying her in bed with me while I covered her with kisses. And then the phone rang at 6:15am with the words, I'm sorry Nina' went into Cardiac Arrest and we couldn't revive her.
I was/am so upset because I never said goodbye. And her last night was spent in a strange place with people she did not know.
Instead of taking her to bed and covering her with kisses, at 7:30am I was taking the blanket off of her that she was wrapped in and closing her eyes and putting her favorite pink party dress on and pearls and getting her favorite toy that came all the way from Texas with her all those years ago when my dad moved up here.
Her little body was still warm. I asked Ted to make her a casket, I didn't want to put her in a box. So he did, but before I wrapped her up and put her inside, I cut some fur off of her tail to save. She is now buried.
I am heartbroken.

Sunday, February 20

Seizure Free

I am happy to report, Nina' has been seizure free the past 3 days! Yippee!!! I guess she just has good days and bad days. The above picture was taken last night! :-) She looks good. Maybe the ol' girl will be around for awhile. :-)


Thursday, February 17

It's hard to know what to do

Nina' has taken a turn for the worst. :-(

Yesterday she had 3 seizures even while on her heart meds being doubled. So I have her back on the phenylbarbitol (sp?) but since it makes her sick instead of a half a pill we are giving her a third and she is able to still eat and not vomit. The thing is... she still has a very healthy appetite. And I know with my past seniors, when they stop eating and drinking thats when you know its the end.

But then I think about Nina's quality of life. I can't let her walk anywhere. Thats what brought on seizure #1 yesterday, I sat her outside to potty and she decided to go on a walk-a-bout through the backyard. When she came back and I picked her up thats when it happened. Seizure #2 was brought on by her barking when the other dogs were barking. Seizure #3 was for no reason. :-/

It's just sad. I told hubby last night, it would be a blessing if she just died in her sleep. It's hard to know what to do.

Monday, February 14

Hearts, flowers, love, YOU day! :-)

My favorite holiday!

I love this holiday because it represents the "love" in people without all the commercialism as such w/ Christmas. And I hope it reminds all of us the importance of being heart healthy! If you still smoke cigarettes *sigh* please give yourself the best valentine of all of quitting smoking. Your heart will thank you by living a longer time.
I am most thankful this Valentine's day that my little Berry Bean aka Nina' is still with me. Nina' has been suffering with congestive heart failure for some time now. She recently turned 13 in December. I knew that she had been sleeping a lot more than normal, and last week she began gagging/coughing (associated w/ the disease.) It's because water retains around the heart. She was born with a heart murmur so this combination is hard on the little gal. On Wednesday night she was just in the kitchen eating and she came up to the couch where she began that gag/coughing and then she started gasping, struggling to walk, and fell sideways. I picked her up and thats when I noticed she was limp. This was more than a seizure, her tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth and she felt light as a feather, like a rag doll. She was dead! I ran upstairs to where my husband was sleeping, yelling at him that Nina' was dead. He jumped out of bed and after examining her, stuck her fingers down her throat looking for lodged food, opening her throat than began administering CPR. Going back and forth between breathing air into her nose and mouth and pushing on her chest... minutes were ticking by... I kept saying, shes gone! shes gone! shes dead! Then I noticed her body was defecating, so I told Ted to stop and carried her lifeless body to the bathroom so I could clean up the poop. And then I started feeling movement!!! I sat her on the bathroom counter, holding her, wondering would she have brain damage from being gone for so long? It took a long time for her to come around. When she finally did, I took her back to our bad and she immediately ran over to my husband and started licking his face!!! Im so not kidding!!! Then she ran back over to me, she is a total mommys girl.
That night I barely slept, she gagged/coughed all night. On Thursday, it was seizure after seizure along w/ fainting that lasted about 30 seconds. She couldn't even walk a few feet before going into a seizure. I said to hubby, I am not going to allow her to suffer and next for her kidneys to start shutting down. We have to put her to sleep. Its the most humane thing to do. So the appt was made for Friday at 11:15am. I cried all Thursday day and night, watching her suffer with the seizures was the worst!!!!
Friday morning was more of a tear fest!!! All the way to the vets both hubby and I were a wreck! This was our boo!!!! Our life drastically changed since she entered our lives. Before we were cat people. Since Nina' we got involved in dog rescue and our house and hearts are full w/ rescue dogs all because of Nina'.
I sat in the car crying in the parking lot of the vets office until 11:15 on the dot! Then we went in. We couldn't even look at the receptionist, we just stared out the window crying. Then the vet called us in and I told him about the repeated seizures (he already knew about her dying on Wed night.) He examed her and then said, DOUBLE HER HEART MEDICINE. I was like, what?????? We are here so she doesn't suffer and now your saying to double her heart medicine? He said, Yes! She has to much vitality! This is not the time to put her to sleep! I said, what about her kidneys shutting down over the weekend? And he said, No! ---- We were in shock!
And guess what????
Even though Nina' is still really tired. No gag/coughing. No seizures! :-)
So for now, she is still with us and its the best Valentine's gift ever!!!!!!

Monday, February 7

A little FYI :-)

In 1869, the Boston Terrier became the first purebred dog developed in America. It is a cross between an English bulldog and an English Terrier. It became the State Dog of Massachusetts by a legislative act in 1979.

Massachusetts Fun Facts

Friday, February 4

Wear Red!!!

Wear RED today!

Heart disease #1 killer in women.

#1 Stop Smoking #2 Go Walk #3 Increase veggies