Thursday, February 17

It's hard to know what to do

Nina' has taken a turn for the worst. :-(

Yesterday she had 3 seizures even while on her heart meds being doubled. So I have her back on the phenylbarbitol (sp?) but since it makes her sick instead of a half a pill we are giving her a third and she is able to still eat and not vomit. The thing is... she still has a very healthy appetite. And I know with my past seniors, when they stop eating and drinking thats when you know its the end.

But then I think about Nina's quality of life. I can't let her walk anywhere. Thats what brought on seizure #1 yesterday, I sat her outside to potty and she decided to go on a walk-a-bout through the backyard. When she came back and I picked her up thats when it happened. Seizure #2 was brought on by her barking when the other dogs were barking. Seizure #3 was for no reason. :-/

It's just sad. I told hubby last night, it would be a blessing if she just died in her sleep. It's hard to know what to do.

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