Wednesday, March 23

Are you a good neighbor?

(trying not to sound like Mister Rogers) haha!

If you get your neighbors mail in your mailbox, do you throw it away or take it to them?

I am always conscientiously trying to be a good neighbor. I am not very social (I detest small talk) but when it comes to being a good neighbor I try to be conscience of how I live in my home will affect them. If we get others mails or packages we take it directly over. If Ted is blaring music in the garage while he is doing yardwork, I will say, "Ted turn it down... they have a new baby nextdoor who might be trying to sleep." If the dogs are barking in the backyard over a squirrel or at a neighbors dog, I will quickly go out and get them in or turn the hose on them (yes I will do that. A quick squirt never hurt anybody.)

I don't attend block parties. I will however wave or say hello while walking down the sidewalk with a dog or two or three or four. :-)

So it really bothers me when other neighbors do not return the favor. How could you not want to be a good neighbor? Maybe it has a lot to do with how I want other people to think of me. I don't know. All I do know is I want to be a good neighbor whether they are friendly or not and in this day and age... neighbors are getting less and less friendly.

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