Friday, April 22

Introducing Pepe

When I look down in my arms and see this sleeping fur-baby my breath will catch in my throat and my heart will pull because he looks just like Nina'.

2 weeks ago, Saturday April 9th I opened up Craigslist and clicked on pets and the 1st ad was Pepe. I couldn't believe it!!! He looked just like Nina' and Nina' use to have a doggy friend called Pepe that we called Baby Pepe and whenever we said, "Where's baby Pepe she would get all excited." Until the very end if I wanted her to perk her ears up and look cute all I had to say was, PEPE. And here was a dog that looked exactly like her named Pepe. I started crying and told hubby we have to go meet this dog ASAP! So I texted the owner and we met Pepe that afternoon and he came home with us. I had asked previously if he was the type of chihuahua that would protect his owners and she said, oh yeah he will nip and bark. So on the way to meeting Pepe I had told hubby that to be prepared for this dog to not like us and try to bite us. Well Pepe did neither, he came right up to us and the owners couldn't believe it.

My mother said to me on the phone when I called her on the way from getting Pepe, "That is NOT Nina'." I said, "I know its not Nina', but it looks just like her." I'm not an idiot. I know I wasn't getting Nina' back but I just wanted another little dog that looked like her running around. Losing Nina' is the hardest thing I have gone through. And I have lost 2 grandfathers, 1 grandmother, my step-dad & my step-brother. I can't explain the connection I had w/ Nina'. I still miss her like crazy. I cry over her. I look at her pictures constantly and I don't think I will ever get over her. There will never be another dog like Nina' ever!

Another odd thing about getting Pepe... is several days before seeing his craigslist ad, I had a crazy dream. In my dream my husband was giving our furniture away to a woman named Chelsea. (I hardly ever remember my dreams) but I was so upset by this dream that it woke me up and I called hubby and cussed him out! Asking who is Chelsea??? He was like, "You and your crazy dreams!!!" ~~~ Well, guess what Pepe's owner's name was? Chelsea!!!!!!!

It was looking like getting Pepe was really meant to be! He looks like Nina', has the same name as the name we said to Nina' almost every day of her life to get her excited even up to her dying day and the name of the owner I had a dream about and remembered it? Just too weird!

Pepe is NOT Nina' - Nor am I trying to turn him into Nina'. But he is a boy version of Nina' full of spit & vinegar. It makes me think of that nursery rhyme:

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !"
What are little girls made of?
"Sugar and spice and all things nice
That's what little girls are made of!"

Nina' would have just adored & loved Pepe and I think of that every time I gaze at him. He makes me smile and his rambunctious behavior just cracks us up! He has blended into the pack perfectly. He has a very happy-go-lucky attitude. I know his previous owners miss him terribly. They had moved and the neighbors had complained about the barking. I thank them so much for the gift of this little dog who has brightened up this sad house.

Brr! Pepe had to get use to our house. I keep the heat at 67 degrees.

His favorite way to sleep! On his back.

They adore each other! :-)

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