Tuesday, June 28


There's no way of discussing this topic without someone getting pissed off. So if your mad at me... its okay. But this is not my opinion these are facts and I welcome you to google and research for yourself.

Finding A Cure.
We hear this all the time.
Find a cure! We need to find a cure! The cure! The cure! The cure!

Our history facts show us that cures have been found.
Think of the different Influenzas that wiped out thousands of people and now we have antibiotics, shots and most importantly AWARENESS!

Most everyone knows how much I love Suzanne Somers. Not because of that cheesy tv show Three's Company, not because of her thigh-master, not because of her singing... none of that. It's because she had breast cancer.

Because of her breast cancer she took a different path in her life. One that is now consumed by knowledge from all sorts of doctors. She compiles all the information together and she writes books, she gives references, she gives lectures, she has/is been in the hot seat time and time again. She lives what she talks about.

She said something once that I have never forgotten. She said, "It's not about finding the cure. It's about prevention." "Why not prevent getting it in the first place?" That was the BEST information I had ever heard. This was years ago and she said it on HSN of all places.

When she had her breast cancer, she did just one chemo session then walked away. People, reporters, doctors all said the same thing, She just signed her death certificate.

Well look at her now!!!!!!!!!!! She is far from dead and is still diligently working hard on working w/ companies to come out with chemical free products.

Because from the time we are born we are bathed, covered, fed, inhale and are submerged in chemicals! It's all around us all the time, choking us out! We are so far from "natural" as our ancestors its not even funny.

You can google for yourself all about chemicals and how its in everything including the make-up your wearing on your skin and there are websites out there that will tell you how bad one brand is from another in regards to cancer causing chemicals. And you can choose how much you allow into your lives.

You can't throw your hands in the air and say, well if its everywhere and in everything we have no hope and just forget about it. That is NOT true!

You can choose not to eat pesticide covered fruits and veggies. You can choose to use chemical free body products and cleansers. You can choose to stop drinking that damn diet coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I blame Aspartame for almost everything. There has been to many covering up of scientific research about Aspartame by the FDA and our Government. It's all about $$$. Google it!!!

I personally am a high candidate for breast cancer by hereditary. My odds are great that I will get it. What am I doing about it currently? Trying to avoid chemicals!!! Not totally. I still love my Clinique cosmetics and washing detergents. But I will NEVER drink or eat anything w/ aspartame in it. If I even see the words SUGAR FREE I run! I buy organic whenever possible and I eat a vegan plant based diet. The crap that the Meat & Dairy industries is putting in the food is sooooo bad for us its not even funny! And sure I could go and buy natural, local dairy and meat but I just don't want too. I would rather just eat a plant based diet.

I want a CURE! I hope someday there is a CURE but until then PREVENTION is the BEST WAY!!!!!! PREVENTNG CHEMICALS from entering your body and there are many foods you can eat to help your cells. Blueberries, Cinnamon, etc... Just google. It's all there. A wealth of information to help.

(Stepping off my soap box now.)

Friday, June 24


Ooooooooo I love The Voice!!!! :-D

It's down to the final 4. One from each team.

My favorite is Beverly McClellan. I have voted for her after every show that I could.

Her voice is so strong and the first song she ever sang on the show was Janis Joplin's Piece Of My Heart. She sang the $h!t out of that song! I immediately bought it the next day off of iTunes. I was an instant fan right then and there! If you google her name on youtube you can see video's of her singing in some local bars/taverns/clubs. 

My second favorite is from Washington!!!!! Vicci Martinez. Even if her home town isn't just 20 min south of me, she would still be a favorite. Her voice is a-maz-ing!!! 

Who is your favorite?

But I am thinking.... Javier Colon is going to win &&& you know... they are all winners. They are all going to have amazing careers after the show. 

Tuesday, June 21

☼☼☼ Happy 1st day of Summer ☼☼☼

Wear sunscreen (skin cancer) and note that a lot of sun isn't friendly for your dog.

Your dogs don't need to go everywhere with you.

&&& you better believe if I a dog in a car in the heat of summer and I know it's going to die I will break the car window! It is VERY legal! If you do it just make sure you call 911 and tell them what your doing so the police can arrive and sight the owner for animal neglect/abuse!

(Stepping off my soapbox now)

Monday, June 20

That 99 cents bargain! :-D

♫♫♫Ain't about the cha-ching-cha-ching, Ain't about the bla-bling-bla-bling♫♫♫Wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag♫♫♫

Tell my mom that!!! :-D
(I know this song is about money $$$ but when I hear it I think of my mom looking for that 99cents bargain.)

If theres a clearance rack she is drawn to it like a moth to a flame. hehe

Gotta LOVE her!!!!

Love Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Mom

Sunday, June 19

~ Father's Day ~

(Dad & Daughter)

"Hey Ted,
What would you like to do for Father's Day?"
His one & only response...
Go to TEAPOT!!!! :-)

Teapot is a vegan asian restaurant in Bellevue, WA that we truly love. It is sooooo good! So Amber in between 2 of her jobs met us there and my mother came along too. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and royally pigged out!

Spring Rolls
Fried Wontons
Wonton Soup
Almond breaded tofu
Mandarin crispy tofu
Mango tofu
Basil nuggets
Vegetable vermicelli
Vegetable deluxe
Brown rice
& we all shared a piece of tofu cheesecake in a mango sauce w/ berries

What a feast!

Hello & Goodbye Gloria!

Our plans were to go buy this 
little piece of cuteness this afternoon:

Her name is Gloria. 
I love all her aqua colored goodness.
Isn't she charming???

Our reasoning was the price!!! $2995!!!
It's going to cost wayyyyy more than that to finish the "Connie." Even though I love, love, love the Connie. Cosmetically inside and out she is my vintage dream.

We were trading my beloved vw bug :::chin wiggle::: in for a truck this weekend so we could begin camping right away!!!

But then Friday night while googling I found out "Gloria" doesn't have a bathroom from her craigslist ad!!! Oh No!!! Well as cute as she is that is a deal breaker. :-/ Stupid me didn't even think Gloria didn't have a bathroom so I didn't even ask from the blog.

So back to the "Connie."
I just want her finished. 
:-( sniff sniff

Thursday, June 16

Empty Nester

Life's a trip ain't it????

My adult daughter moved out a few months ago. It's kind of been okay. I hear about all these mother's just besides themselves with their empty houses... and I don't really get it. I guess because I have dogs. More than several. Sooooo for all you sad empty nester moms become a foster parent for a dog rescue! :-) I guarantee your heart will be full up in no time and you wont have time to be lonely.

I did however have to start wearing readers. It's like it happened over night. One day I could read really small writing the next I had to stretch out my arms. And no amount of dogs is going to make that okay! Hmph!