Thursday, June 16

Empty Nester

Life's a trip ain't it????

My adult daughter moved out a few months ago. It's kind of been okay. I hear about all these mother's just besides themselves with their empty houses... and I don't really get it. I guess because I have dogs. More than several. Sooooo for all you sad empty nester moms become a foster parent for a dog rescue! :-) I guarantee your heart will be full up in no time and you wont have time to be lonely.

I did however have to start wearing readers. It's like it happened over night. One day I could read really small writing the next I had to stretch out my arms. And no amount of dogs is going to make that okay! Hmph!


  1. Hi Jackie,
    The one thing I know for sure is that life is all about change...not that I'm liking some of the changes that are coming with aging. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and appreciate more fully all the good years that passed so quickly. Trying my best to enjoy right to you and yours.


  2. great!!! you finally came back to your blog, I always check to see if you are back, I have missed your creative style of writing and your creative pages