Sunday, June 19

~ Father's Day ~

(Dad & Daughter)

"Hey Ted,
What would you like to do for Father's Day?"
His one & only response...
Go to TEAPOT!!!! :-)

Teapot is a vegan asian restaurant in Bellevue, WA that we truly love. It is sooooo good! So Amber in between 2 of her jobs met us there and my mother came along too. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and royally pigged out!

Spring Rolls
Fried Wontons
Wonton Soup
Almond breaded tofu
Mandarin crispy tofu
Mango tofu
Basil nuggets
Vegetable vermicelli
Vegetable deluxe
Brown rice
& we all shared a piece of tofu cheesecake in a mango sauce w/ berries

What a feast!

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