Sunday, June 19

Hello & Goodbye Gloria!

Our plans were to go buy this 
little piece of cuteness this afternoon:

Her name is Gloria. 
I love all her aqua colored goodness.
Isn't she charming???

Our reasoning was the price!!! $2995!!!
It's going to cost wayyyyy more than that to finish the "Connie." Even though I love, love, love the Connie. Cosmetically inside and out she is my vintage dream.

We were trading my beloved vw bug :::chin wiggle::: in for a truck this weekend so we could begin camping right away!!!

But then Friday night while googling I found out "Gloria" doesn't have a bathroom from her craigslist ad!!! Oh No!!! Well as cute as she is that is a deal breaker. :-/ Stupid me didn't even think Gloria didn't have a bathroom so I didn't even ask from the blog.

So back to the "Connie."
I just want her finished. 
:-( sniff sniff

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