Friday, June 24


Ooooooooo I love The Voice!!!! :-D

It's down to the final 4. One from each team.

My favorite is Beverly McClellan. I have voted for her after every show that I could.

Her voice is so strong and the first song she ever sang on the show was Janis Joplin's Piece Of My Heart. She sang the $h!t out of that song! I immediately bought it the next day off of iTunes. I was an instant fan right then and there! If you google her name on youtube you can see video's of her singing in some local bars/taverns/clubs. 

My second favorite is from Washington!!!!! Vicci Martinez. Even if her home town isn't just 20 min south of me, she would still be a favorite. Her voice is a-maz-ing!!! 

Who is your favorite?

But I am thinking.... Javier Colon is going to win &&& you know... they are all winners. They are all going to have amazing careers after the show. 

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