Sunday, July 31


Why do I keep posting dinners?
sometimes when people hear that I don't
eat meat, dairy or eggs
they always look shocked and then ask,
"What do you eat?"

And I eat everything!!!!!
What don't I eat? :-)
I'm probably the fattest vegan I know. HA!

The above salad was made with:

My mom turned me on to these.
I always thought they had eggs in them.
Amber said they use to have egg whites.
Now they are completely vegan & soooooo good!
1 patty has 11 grams of protein.


Tuesday, July 26

Sassy Sadie Lee

I love her stuff! :-)
It's completely adorable... and I can't wait to receive this... 

Click the above title of the blog entry
to go to her etsy store :-)


My mom gave us a box of these
Trader Joe's
Vegetable Masala Burgers
on Saturday and has asked me twice now
if I have tried them so I made them tonight
(all you do is heat them in a pan.)
She said how good they were and wanted
us to try them (and agree with her - ha!)

Well we did!!! YUM!!!!
Mom said to have them w/ BBQ sauce
and that they tasted like latkes.

We will totally buy these and stock the freezer
next time we go to Trader Joe's.

It just sucks that they are only 2grams of protein.

So it was a pretty carby meal
I made Colcannon from the leftover sauteed cabbage
and the cucumbers were getting soft so
I made the ol' stand-by salad of vinegar & oil cucumbers.
I tend to cook whatever needs to be used up! LOL!!!!

Gosh Darnit... I just looked and my Colcannon recipe is not on this blog anymore. Grr!!! I am delete happy I swear! Anyway... Just google Colcannon. Its cabbage and mashed potatoes mixed together. It's awesome and one of our most favorite things.

Sunday, July 24


Are you on Google+ yet?

I couldn't wait to get over there... I anxiously hoped for an invitation. Then when I finally got on well... frankly... its pretty darn boring. :-/

Maybe in the near future it will be something. But until then it's crickets. :-/



Beans, fried potatoes & sauteed cabbage
(I am addicted to sauteed cabbage)

Followed by:

Can you handle all the excitement?

I want chickens

My husband eats eggs. So we buy cage free organic eggs. Which you would think are much better than regular eggs until I saw a photo of cage free chickens. It wasn't what you might think. They are still in a big warehouse type building crammed together all on the floor with no space. They looked miserable. :-( The demand of production is just to high to have a big scale farm to let the chickens do what they want to do and thats forage. Pecking the ground, scratching their cute little feet and so on. I don't want to purchase eggs from a poor ol' chicken sitting in prison w/ no sun on their backs. Its INHUMANE!!!! And I'm talking the cage free chickens, don't even get me started on regular egg layers. Thats really a tragedy and only in the good ol' USA is it legal. Every where else in the world they seem to care about quality and not quantity... anywho... back to my point, I can sure ramble.

A friend of mine had chickens when she lived in Texas. She just didn't have chickens, she loved her chickens. They were a part of the family with names and everything. When they had to relocate to Colorado she had to part w/ her chickens. She had some goats too but thats another story. Anyway...  several weeks ago she posted on facebook that she wanted chickens again. I was like, ARE YOU CRAZY? Everytime I talk to her shes covered in snow! She is way up there in Colorado. It's cold! I said, your chickens will freeze to death. But she said she was going to build a place that in the winter they will be warm and toasty and in the summer outside and protected from fox, etc... I know she cares for her animals but the question was why did she want some so badly? She said plainly... FOR THE EGGS. She was telling me how she could barely swallow a grocery store egg because it had no flavor. I had never thought about that before. I definitely know the difference between a homegrown tomato and a store bought. They taste completely different. And I guess its the same with eggs, even though I didn't know that. 

She sent me a picture:

Can you guess the grocery store egg from the at home chicken egg?
The orang-ier yolk is from at home.
She said the taste was amazingly different. So currently she is buying eggs from a guy near where she lives and refuses to buy store bought eggs from the factory chickens.

Have you ever heard that saying, "Happy cows = Happy milk".
When a cow is not stressed out and living a happy life they produce a sweeter, no stress hormone milk.
I guess its the same with Chickens and their eggs.
A happy chicken foraging in the sun playing with all the other chickens and eating good food makes a tasty egg.
And what I love is that when you google stories of chickens... they are very friendly and love to follow their owners around and get petted. How cool is that???

Soooooooo I want chickens. I want Ted to eat eggs from happy chickens.
Logically we live in the suburbs so I don't even know if its possible... so in the mean time I am going to search for someone near to buy homegrown eggs from.

P.S. Of course I would want to get rescue chickens, there are a lot out there who needs homes.

Saturday, July 23

My birthday

Every year on my birthday I get weird and moody. Sometimes I tell people NO do not celebrate my birthday, I want nothing to do with it... except this year was different. Maybe its the turning 45. I don't know but I was appreciating every little thing and now sad that its over.

I love turning 45 

For the robust woman . . .

Are you a pear or an apple?

I think you know what I mean.
Pears carry their weight in their hips, butt and upper thighs.
Apples carry their weight in their stomachs, breasts and upper arms.

I sadly am an apple - ugh!
I have called my stomach the winnie the pooh look since I was a child.
I would love, love, love to be a pear.

I am but 45, but I have noticed something...
Pears look amazing in small tops & skirts.
Apples look amazing in bigger shirts & skinny jeans.
Yes, I said skinny jeans.

A pear will look instantly 20lbs smaller by wearing
a smaller top and a flowing skirt.
It's amazing and gorgeous!

Same with an apple wearing a bigger longer shirt and smaller pants.

It irks me to see an apple wearing a short small top and big flowy pants.
It makes them look HUGE!

Just my 2cents....
...okay done. :-)

Sunday, July 10

Streusel Topped Blueberry Muffins

Hubby brought home organic blueberries after work on Friday because he said they were on sale. (I love him.) So I said, "Oh Yum I will make blueberry muffins this weekend." I would have preferred blueberry pancakes but get this..... HUBBY HATES PANCAKES! How can you hate a pancake??? Anyway.... my all time favorite blueberry recipe calls for bananas. And I was out! :-O Sooooo after strumming through a few cookbooks index GRR!!!! I hate that!!!! I am so OVER normal books! I went to my iPad and clicked on the Betty Crocker APP and typed blueberry muffins. I got 4 in return. One used bisquik & oatmeal (no!) One uses a betty crocker mix (no!) One was whole wheat (maybe) & another was streusel topped (never made that kind before so YES!) so off I went to veganize it..... as I have said before veganizing a recipe is sooooo darn easy!

~ Streusel Topped Blueberry Muffins ~

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
PAM a 12 count muffin pan

In a small bowl combine together:
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
& 2 Tbs. earth balance 
(my fav is the soy free version)
until crumbly. Set aside. 
That is your streusel topping.

In a large bowl whisk together:
3/4 cup non-dairy milk 
(I use my favorite So-Delicious unsweetened coconut milk)
1/4 cup oil
egg replacer that equals 1 egg
until all combined.

Then add to bowl:
2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. sea salt
mix until just combined,
it will be thick like your making bread.

Gently fold in 1 cup fresh blueberries.
I added a little extra "milk" because the batter just seemed to thick.

Then spoon into muffin pan
and sprinkle streusel topping on top
Bake for 25 minutes
Let sit in pan for 5 min
Then enjoy! Mmm

Friday, July 8

Making a fluffy banana cake for the weekend.

Most vegan banana cakes I google look like a dark banana bread to me... and thats not what I wanted. So I googled Fluffy Banana Cake and found this recipe and I removed the animal products. With this recipe.... I just omitted the eggs because 3 bananas which is in the recipe is more than enough for a binder. I also used So-Delicious unsweetened Coconut milk + lemon juice to make the buttermilk. I prefer the so-delicious brand. Silk tastes like coconut and I don't want that taste. And coconut milk in the dairy section in cartons is wayyyyyy different that that thick coconut "cream" thats found in the thai section of your supermarket. So many people think thats what I am talking about.

I am pleased with the results. :-) And will make a simple cinnamon powdered sugar icing for the top. Have a wonderful weekend . . .

Sunday, July 3

★ Happy 4th ★

This isn't Apple... but the picture is sooooooooo cute I had to share. This is basically how all my dogs feel about the 4th of July. They are less than thrilled. They hate the fireworks noises. If you live in a neighborhood like mine, we have been hearing firecrackers and bombs for the last several days.

Here is a GREAT article on 
protecting your pet on the 4th 
~> Click HERE.

Let freedom never perish in your hands.  
~ Joseph Addison


Saturday, July 2

Thanks Jenny! :-)

Isn't she adorable???? I can't wait to get her! :-)

You can read about her ---->