Tuesday, July 26


My mom gave us a box of these
Trader Joe's
Vegetable Masala Burgers
on Saturday and has asked me twice now
if I have tried them so I made them tonight
(all you do is heat them in a pan.)
She said how good they were and wanted
us to try them (and agree with her - ha!)

Well we did!!! YUM!!!!
Mom said to have them w/ BBQ sauce
and that they tasted like latkes.

We will totally buy these and stock the freezer
next time we go to Trader Joe's.

It just sucks that they are only 2grams of protein.

So it was a pretty carby meal
I made Colcannon from the leftover sauteed cabbage
and the cucumbers were getting soft so
I made the ol' stand-by salad of vinegar & oil cucumbers.
I tend to cook whatever needs to be used up! LOL!!!!

Gosh Darnit... I just looked and my Colcannon recipe is not on this blog anymore. Grr!!! I am delete happy I swear! Anyway... Just google Colcannon. Its cabbage and mashed potatoes mixed together. It's awesome and one of our most favorite things.

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