Saturday, July 23

For the robust woman . . .

Are you a pear or an apple?

I think you know what I mean.
Pears carry their weight in their hips, butt and upper thighs.
Apples carry their weight in their stomachs, breasts and upper arms.

I sadly am an apple - ugh!
I have called my stomach the winnie the pooh look since I was a child.
I would love, love, love to be a pear.

I am but 45, but I have noticed something...
Pears look amazing in small tops & skirts.
Apples look amazing in bigger shirts & skinny jeans.
Yes, I said skinny jeans.

A pear will look instantly 20lbs smaller by wearing
a smaller top and a flowing skirt.
It's amazing and gorgeous!

Same with an apple wearing a bigger longer shirt and smaller pants.

It irks me to see an apple wearing a short small top and big flowy pants.
It makes them look HUGE!

Just my 2cents....
...okay done. :-)

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