Sunday, July 24

I want chickens

My husband eats eggs. So we buy cage free organic eggs. Which you would think are much better than regular eggs until I saw a photo of cage free chickens. It wasn't what you might think. They are still in a big warehouse type building crammed together all on the floor with no space. They looked miserable. :-( The demand of production is just to high to have a big scale farm to let the chickens do what they want to do and thats forage. Pecking the ground, scratching their cute little feet and so on. I don't want to purchase eggs from a poor ol' chicken sitting in prison w/ no sun on their backs. Its INHUMANE!!!! And I'm talking the cage free chickens, don't even get me started on regular egg layers. Thats really a tragedy and only in the good ol' USA is it legal. Every where else in the world they seem to care about quality and not quantity... anywho... back to my point, I can sure ramble.

A friend of mine had chickens when she lived in Texas. She just didn't have chickens, she loved her chickens. They were a part of the family with names and everything. When they had to relocate to Colorado she had to part w/ her chickens. She had some goats too but thats another story. Anyway...  several weeks ago she posted on facebook that she wanted chickens again. I was like, ARE YOU CRAZY? Everytime I talk to her shes covered in snow! She is way up there in Colorado. It's cold! I said, your chickens will freeze to death. But she said she was going to build a place that in the winter they will be warm and toasty and in the summer outside and protected from fox, etc... I know she cares for her animals but the question was why did she want some so badly? She said plainly... FOR THE EGGS. She was telling me how she could barely swallow a grocery store egg because it had no flavor. I had never thought about that before. I definitely know the difference between a homegrown tomato and a store bought. They taste completely different. And I guess its the same with eggs, even though I didn't know that. 

She sent me a picture:

Can you guess the grocery store egg from the at home chicken egg?
The orang-ier yolk is from at home.
She said the taste was amazingly different. So currently she is buying eggs from a guy near where she lives and refuses to buy store bought eggs from the factory chickens.

Have you ever heard that saying, "Happy cows = Happy milk".
When a cow is not stressed out and living a happy life they produce a sweeter, no stress hormone milk.
I guess its the same with Chickens and their eggs.
A happy chicken foraging in the sun playing with all the other chickens and eating good food makes a tasty egg.
And what I love is that when you google stories of chickens... they are very friendly and love to follow their owners around and get petted. How cool is that???

Soooooooo I want chickens. I want Ted to eat eggs from happy chickens.
Logically we live in the suburbs so I don't even know if its possible... so in the mean time I am going to search for someone near to buy homegrown eggs from.

P.S. Of course I would want to get rescue chickens, there are a lot out there who needs homes.


  1. You should ask Pam, doesn't her daughter and son-in-law have chickens? I think you can have them in the 'burbs, you just can't get the crowing kind. I love homegrown eggs too, wish they were more widely available.

  2. Ya but... I think it depends on where you live... kind of like how there are pet limits in different counties. I thought a neighbor one street over had ducks. At least another neighbor told me that but I never saw them.