Friday, July 8

Making a fluffy banana cake for the weekend.

Most vegan banana cakes I google look like a dark banana bread to me... and thats not what I wanted. So I googled Fluffy Banana Cake and found this recipe and I removed the animal products. With this recipe.... I just omitted the eggs because 3 bananas which is in the recipe is more than enough for a binder. I also used So-Delicious unsweetened Coconut milk + lemon juice to make the buttermilk. I prefer the so-delicious brand. Silk tastes like coconut and I don't want that taste. And coconut milk in the dairy section in cartons is wayyyyyy different that that thick coconut "cream" thats found in the thai section of your supermarket. So many people think thats what I am talking about.

I am pleased with the results. :-) And will make a simple cinnamon powdered sugar icing for the top. Have a wonderful weekend . . .

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