Wednesday, August 3


In the make-up world or anything to do w/ your face... it takes a lot to WOW me anymore. Probably because if I veer away from Clinique I end up disappointed.

Well... I am WOWed, FLOORed and in AWE over this product!!!!

My mom and I were out shopping yesterday
and we stopped into Macys, 
The store was DEAD!
I mean zombies have more action than what 
was happening on a Tuesday afternoon in Macys. 
Out of pure desperation (I am sure) a
Benefit sales girl wanted to talk to us about make-up.
Neither mom and I were thrilled.
But I thought, what the HEY and sat down.
So we talked Mascara and then
got onto moms chemo treatments she had had
and her lack of eyelash growth...
which I don't know how it all happened
but the next thing ya know
Mom was in the make-up chair and
the gal was applying this pink stuff to under
an eye and talking about looking refreshed.

My mouth DROPPED OPEN!!!!!!
I mean WHOA!
The transformation from dark to light under moms left eye was unbelievable. That got my attention! And I knew what ever that was I wanted it! It made moms eye pop and shine and her whole face glowed just from a few dots of this pink stuff.

Mom bought it.
I bought it.

Today is a no make-up day.
I used my Suzanne Somers facemaster
applied moisturizer and got out my
new face brightener.
I followed the directions.
dot dot dot
under each eye
and pat in.
dot dot dot
dot dot dot
Yabba Dabba Do

I got a little carried away with the dotting.
I think I ended up w/ 9 dots under each eye.

This stuff is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

With or without make-up you apply it to your fresh face under each eye and then go about whatever you do next. I don't know what kind of magic this is, and frankly I don't want to know. PLEASE GOD don't let some weird animal part be in or Amber will kill me!!!!

It is:
Ooh La Lift
by Benefit
(If you click the above picture it will take you 
to the website or just go to the Mall and try it.)

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  1. Benefit makes a LOT of amazing products, I love them! Have never used this particular one, but will try it since you recommend it so highly :)