Sunday, November 27

biscuit waffles

The other day, I saw on pinterest about taking
canned biscuits and making waffles out of them.
Hubby LOVES waffles. I mean loves them.
I on the other hand prefer a nice pancake.
Anywho... I wanted to try this. So I did:

All it is, is canned biscuits
your waffle maker
and PAM

Easy? VERY!
Fast? VERY!
Good? Eh, alright.
Taste like waffles? Nooooo

Hubby ate several,
I tasted one.
And it does NOT taste like waffles.
But I think kids would love it.


  1. Haha, I wondered how they tasted. Thanks for the review. Did you see on the news the big riot on Black Friday over the $2 waffle makers? I was telling Jeff, who the hell riots over a damn waffle maker that you'll use one time then throw in the garage to gather dust until the next garage sale?! But then we are pancake people too, so maybe we just don't understand, lol.

  2. $2 waffle makers? WOW! Mine is a Suzanne Somers one for 2. :-) With our tiny family we don't need more than that. You should see Amber's. It's a belgian one thats round and makes one huge round one that serves 4. ~ XOXO