Sunday, November 27

Sunday Night Dinner

It has taken me 3 days to decorate for Christmas!!!! :-O
And I am still not done! :-O
So I wanted to make something easy tonight, we weren't in the mood for take-out.

So I created this.... I don't even know what to call it.
It's sooooooo good. Hubby asked for
leftovers to go in his lunch tomorrow.

Field Roast (a Seattle company) makes awesome vegan "meats"
Our favorite is the Apple Sage Sausage

I sauteed 1 pkg of sausage w/ 2 small chopped zucchinis in a tiny amount of olive oil. Added 1 pkg of fresh basil that I tore up in small pieces, 1 can chopped black olives, garlic powder, salt & pepper, then when the zucchini was soft enough, added in cooked pasta & some vegetable broth. And that's it. I will totally be making this again. :-)

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