Thursday, February 9

Early Valentine's

Early Valentine's from hubby.
He is as bad as me.
He couldn't keep a secret and wait until
the 14th. I love it. :-) I love him. :-)


Saturday, February 4

Giving Connie Away . . .

After much thought about it....

We have decided to give Connie away....

We have invested around $2,000 into her... and I never even showed you her reupholstered dining seats. They turned out fabulous in a red & white old chevy pattern.

Hubby is sooooo tired of dealing w/ her. And he frankly has no desire to finish her. So there is a man that lives near us who loves, loves, loves vintage trailers and all things vintage. He gobbled up her old rusty stove/oven we had taken out of her before the rotten wood was taken out of the kitchen area... so we are giving Connie to him. He will finish her to her glory so she can once again be what she was meant to be. A family camper for those to love her.