Friday, April 27


On the way to meet my mom at the movies...
Thank you Chris for helping me 
pick out the awesome GAP jean jacket.
And he was so kind to give me his discount. :-)

Bag - LV Delightful GM


Monday, April 16

Boston Happiness

Cuteness Time


Sunday, April 8


I love Easter!
Going to my moms of course! :-)
I love sitting around her table
w/ family and friends
visiting and eating.

Look at Pepper Ann
Isn't her Easter dress pretty? hehe :-)

I saved all my calories for this!
My mom's Easter cake is THE BEST!!!!!
It melts in your mouth. Mmm


Thursday, April 5

Being Silly....

I hate, hate, hate the bags under my eyes
so me and Amber are playing with
eye glasses that are just for fashion at the mall.
HEY they hide my bags... LOL!!!!
And we bought them. :-)