Sunday, May 27

London Couture

I fell hard for this bracelet.
If you are ever in Tacoma, Washington
there is a fabulous gift store called

Go check it out! :-)


Sunday, May 20


Today is Chris' Garden Party
and its raining and cold.
I feel bad for him. Eek! :-/

Warm weather comes late for us
in the Pacific Northwest.
But I will be there with bells on!
Looking forward to it! :-)

Bag: LV Speedy Ebene 30


Friday, May 18

Hubby's Birthday

For Hubby's Birthday
we wanted to do fun touristy stuff
It was overcast and chilly
and I dressed accordingly
for walking around and possibly
getting rained on.

Bag: LV Ebene Bloomsbury PM

We ate lunch at the Space Needle.
It had been years since we ate there.
The food still isn't that great.
But the views and the experience is worth it. :-)

Vintage memorabilia on display
for the 50th anniversary.

Then we went to the Zoo!

We ended the fun day
at Molly Moons for ice cream.
Hubby got the vanilla bean
but I had the salted carmel - more please! :-D
It was a great day!
Happy Birthday Hubby! :-)


Sunday, May 13

Mother's Day

For a combination Mother's Day & her birthday
this is what we gave my mom.
An iPad.
She was soooooo excited! :-)

We ate at the TeaPot
It's our favorite veggie restaurant.
It's soooooo yummy!


Thursday, May 10

Amber's Birthday

Happy 26th Birthday Amber!!!

It's actually pretty fun buying presents
for an adult child.
I like buying home/cooking items
rather than toys. :-)

Love her!
I am so proud of her!