Saturday, June 30

Happy Early Birthday to Me

My bag came in early.
Ted bought me this for my birthday.
Thank you Ted.
I am so spoiled. :-)

Mon Mono
Neverfull GM


Friday, June 29

Jack & Lucie

Jack & Lucie arrived!!!!!!

This LV charm was released in 2006
then *poof* it was gone!
It sold out fast!
LV hardly ever does a holiday anything.
I wasn't into LV then, 
so fast forward 5 years later
(fall of 2011)
I saw it on a purse forum and just 
knew I wanted to have it one day.
I love the color orange soooo much!
And with fall my favorite season.
Oh Wow!!!!

Soooooo I am addicted to Fashionphile.
I click daily to see what the latest LV items are.
It is a designer bag reseller out of California.
They are very legit & authentic.
So when I saw this awhile back, I immediately 
put it on lay-a-way! LOL!!!
Yes they have lay-a-away.
Well it's home to me now and
even though its not Fall yet.
I wanted to use it ASAP! :-)

A little info about the charm:
Jack is the orange pumpkin
for Jack-o-lantern
Lucie is the white skull
Lucie is for the oldest human fossil Lucy who at the time
was... then in 2009 another fossil found is older.

Bag in the pic above is the LV Speedy Mono 40


Sunday, June 17

Father's Day

Hubby wanted to go to the 
for Father's Day
We had a really fun time.
We also pigged out at Bamboo Garden
and Amber brought us Mighty-O Donuts.
Pig out city!
And I made hubby a cherry cheese pie the day before.

We hope you had a great day too :-)


Wednesday, June 13

The 70's...

... and my parents look like swingers.