Thursday, July 26

Daisy May

Cuteness Time

Isn't she adorable?
My little persian that never grew.
She is still kitten size.


Tuesday, July 24

Morning Star "Ribs"

These are amazing!

Remember the McRib?
Taste just like it,
but its faux meat.

Yes, we are still veggie eaters and loving it. :-)


Nail color change

I was wearing a black top and yellow bracelets
when I went to get my nails done,
and it inspired this.

I really like it. 
I love, love, love polka dots! :-)


Monday, July 23

Smores pudding

While I was running around
searching for the chocolate yogurt
I found this
and my eyes bugged out! :-O

Found at Albertsons
Smores pudding for 110 calories!
It is gooooooooood.

You can tell I am such a fatty, cant you? :-)


One Eyed Marshmallow

makes this face
when I say,
"Where's Amber?"

2 years she has been with us now.
She was such a handful,
now I can't imagine my life without her.

And this has got to be the cutest dog toy ever! :-)



I saw on Instagram that folks
were raving about this new 
"Chocolate Chunk" yogurt.

Me being the choc-o-holic that I am
just had to have it!

Did my local store have it?
I spent all weekend going from store to store
and finally found it (at Walmart of all places.)

Chocolate Chunk
and it was worth the search!
It's thick and vanilla
w/ chocolate pieces through out.


Sunday, July 22

Happy Birthday to Me! :-)

I am not a fan of store bought baked goods
and normally do not buy them.

It is my birthday (celebrated on Friday)
and on my actual day all I wanted
was vanilla cake and vanilla ice cream
and I wanted to stay on my diet.

I found these for 370 calories.
It was good and hit the spot!
Notice one is missing? :-)


Saturday, July 21

❤ Apple ❤

Cuteness Time


Friday, July 20

Birthday Fun!

For my 46th birthday this year
I wanted to see the ACDC exhibit at the EMP.
It was the only place in North America it
was going to be at, then it would go back to Australia.

Then we ate at The Bamboo Garden
just a few blocks over on Roy street.

Then I picked up a little treat for myself.
From me to me... :-)

Ted had bought me a LV bag that we picked up a few weeks ago.
It came in early.

It was a great day.


Thursday, July 19

Birthday Nails

I wanted my nails to look
like cake frosting w/ sprinkles. :-)


Saturday, July 14

Thursday, July 5

Summer Nails

I love my nail guy.
He gets all the credit. :-)


Wednesday, July 4

Chris' 4th BBQ

Chris' had a BBQ.
I took pics before it got rocking!
Oh wow, he had a lot of people show up.

It was such a treat to be invited somewhere during the day
because normally we are invited to night time festivities and
we always have to decline to be home w/ our scared fur-babies.

The weather was kind of chilly but sunny.
We ate yummy food,
and played croquet.

It was fun! :-)

Mom and Itty Bitty

Me and the Noodle, Amber

Chris & Amber

Me & Chris

Amber & her Dad :-)

Chris and his adorable Seattle house

I brought these smore bars
They are good!!!!
Too good, I had to stay out of them!
And very easy to make,
Recipe ---> HERE

My amazing step sister

4th of July cake I brought

From me and mine to you and yours
We hope your holiday was wonderful. :-)


Monday, July 2

Sunday, July 1

I love my daughter . . .

Amber found a rat in her friends backyard.
It sat in her lap eating bread
and snuggling.

Amber then gave it a bath because 
it was dirty and had little bugs.

she noticed the rat wasn't acting right.
So she found a vet and took it in.

The vet said, it was a wild rat
and very sick and thats why it was acting tame.
He said it needed to be PTS.
My daughter cried and cried over this rat.

I love my daughter.
I love her heart.