Wednesday, August 29

2 Low Cal Veg Brkfst Sandwiches Review

Last visit to Target
I saw these low calorie breakfast sandwiches.
Both vegetarian, neither vegan.

I never use to be a fan of frozen foods
or anything packaged,
because of the sodium, preservatives and frankly the taste.
I like homemade,
with counting calories
I like pre-packaged serving sizes.

Sooooo I bought these and tried them both.
My favorite HANDS DOWN
is the Morning Star
"sausage", egg & cheese biscuits.
It has the texture and taste of a homemade
southern biscuit and the filling taste like really
good sausage gravy.
They are a bit high on the calories - 270
for what I like to have at breakfast time,
so I split mine w/ our parrot Bandit.
And half was perfect.
Hubby also had one, we had these
this past Sunday morning
and he also gave it a thumbs up! :-)

Sadly the Vitalicious egg & cheese on 
whole wheat english muffin for
only 150 calories was not that good.
First of all, the cooking instructions
is to wrap in paper towel in microwave
for so many seconds, then wait, then turn over
then cook some more.
Well the paper towel was stuck on to the sandwich
and it was kind of messy!
There was NO taste!
Completely tasteless.
I loaded it with sea salt & pepper
and still it tasted like cardboard,
so out came the hot sauce.
I drenched it in hot sauce and then it was
edible. Sigh. 
Now I think I know why they were on clearance. :-O

Back to the Morning Star brand.
For vegetarian frozen foods
these have become our favorites.
We have loved all of their products.


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