Wednesday, August 22

A Kauffman Day

Me and my little buddy the Kauffman yesterday
     usually we shop till we drop but this time
         we had lunch at Starbucks and then went and
               saw Snow White & the Huntsmen at the low budge theater.
                      It was really good. :-)

The little rat!
Sitting next to me w/ that huge
bucket of buttery goodness
driving me crazy!

A small un-buttered movie theater popcorn
is 500 calories. I stay faaaaaaar away from it! :-O

Aww... isn't she cute watching the movie
w/ her drink & popcorn... LOL!!!

We got to the movies way to early
and silliness turned into pictures...
there was a lot more, but you don't want to
see those. LOL!!!


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